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Hey everyone! 

This is an exciting newsletter. We have ticket info for San Francisco, an update on the CLAW event and info on a new city! Keep reading for all the info!


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First up, the Portland event. There are still some tickets left for the Portland event. As we said before, the number of Mares we have is dependent on how many Stallions we have. This is in order to ensure we have that sweet spot of Stallion to Mare ratio so for everyone asking about Mare tickets, that’s how they are working. Also, for those that don’t know, If you are in the Mare lotto, are versatile, and don't want to miss the chance to go, you have the option to purchase a Stallion ticket and we will keep you on the Mare lotto list. If you end up getting chosen as a Mare, we can switch your ticket from Stallion to Mare. This will ensure you still get to go albeit as a Stallion. Also know that this does not lower your chances of going as a Mare. The Mare lotto is completely random and there are no repeat Mares between events. If you want to get a ticket click the button below.

Next up is the San Francisco Horse Market April 16th. Tickets for this event are on sale now so hop on over and get one. Normally we like to have two events in San Francisco but there are not many venues and this one is booked so we were only able to get one day. All the details are on the ticket page. Please read the details on Mare tickets if you are trying to get one and are needing to purchase a flight.

Volunteer sign-ups are also open. Some perks you could get if you volunteer and do enough shifts: You can get a free ticket to a future event, You get a special volunteer shirt and you even get to have some playtime on breaks. Sounds like a win all around. Help out and play for free!

There will be two events Friday April 29th and Saturday April 30th from 6pm to10pm in Cleveland Ohio in conjunction with the CLAW event. We are sharing the space with the another play party so we have to be in and out by 10pm. This will be at a dungeon space called The Academy 2615 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA.

This is a 30min walk or CLAW has a shuttle bus to and from the venue at one of the Host hotels. You are welcome to leave the event anytime you like and take the shuttle bus back. Also, a couple blocks away from the venue is FLEX Spa (the local bathhouse) if you happen to still be horny after the event you can just walk over hehe. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

The last, and for me, one of the more exciting bits of news, we are having an event in Las Vegas! This event will be Saturday May 28th with the option to add on Sunday 29th if we have enough demand. The weekend before is EDC Las Vegas so there should be plenty of hotels as everyone should be gone by Horse Market. This is our First time in Las Vegas and it should be a great party! Can't wait to see you all there. If you would like to get a ticket to that now you can! We have the Volunteer signups and tickets all set up for it.

What a packed email am I right? We have 4 events coming up between now and May 29th. Volunteer signups and Tickets for all the events are on Sale. We are always looking for new cities and preferably ones towards the East coast so it’s easier for some of you to go to. Thank you so much for stopping in and we look forward to possibly coming to a city near you this year.

-Stable Master Matt Black-

-Stable Wrangler Martin-

We now have Telegram app groups for both Stallions and Mares to ask any question related to your role and/or the event. Please no pictures. Just use it to ask questions.

Stallions: https://t.me/+9xcD1aTp-xcyMzcx
Mares: https://t.me/+R_x5dfudLskwOWEx

If you would like to sponsor this event, drop me a line.

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