When tickets go on sale for a Horse Market event, Stallion and Mare tickets are sold differently.


Mare Tickets are sold via a lotto. Mares will fill out the lotto sign up and as Stallion tickets are sold, we will randomly chose and email people on the list to purchase a ticket. They will have 24 hours to purchase the ticket before we move to the next person. Once all the spots are filled, we will email everyone else on the list to let them know they were not chosen.

Stallion Tickets are not as in demand as Mare Tickets so these will not have a lotto and will be available to purchase from the start.


We have chosen to do a lotto for Mares as the first come first serve was not working for the amount of people trying to get a ticket. This also helps us makes sure that there are different Mares each event. We can make sure the randomizer does not pick the same people from the previous event.


Below is a list of upcoming events for 2022. I am always working on new events and cities. If I add an event I will send out a newsletter about it. Just because you dont see a date for one of the cities listed does not mean I'm not working on having one there!

Palm Springs BW
Chicago BW
Portland BW
Cleveland BW
seattle BW
Washington DC BW