Below are a collection of hot stories and messages I've received online from people about their time at Horse Market. Enjoy reading them and feel free to send me any pictures or videos of you enjoying said stories hehe 😈💦💦💦

Mare 134 D.C.

By HorseMarketSF | March 20, 2021

Tipping Point

By Race Bannon

Horse Market holds a special place in my kinky pig heart. After a large chunk of my life functioning as essentially entirely top and dom, I have explored and significantly broadened my horizons around versatility over the last decade.

While in my head and during smaller private play scenes I have readily flipped between top and bottom, exposing my bottom side publicly has happened less. It was a mental block for me. I was holding on to that dom top persona with which I identified solely and strongly for such a long time.

Tipping points are odd things. They happen when they happen. When I decided to bottom at a Horse Market party, I had reached a tipping point.

A couple of months prior I had attended a Horse Market party as a top (stallion). It was a blast. Fucked a lot of guys and had an amazingly good time. My toe had been dipped into the Horse Market tub, so to speak. My pig top side was sated but I watched all those guys I and other men were fucking having a great time and I knew I had to challenge myself to try it for myself.

So, I bought myself a mare ticket for the next party. From the moment I clicked the purchase button there was some mild apprehension. Could I do this? Would the reality of it be as hot as the fantasy? Was I biting off more than I could chew?

Eventually the day arrived. I ate light. I prepped in the shower. I never seriously considered not going but my mind probably was not far from that decision. Pride took charge. This was something I knew I wanted to explore. To be proud of myself I would need to go, to dive into the deep end of the pool and see if I could swim. I do not like to think of sex as competitive in any way, but I felt I needed to do this, for myself, for my exploratory self.

The line outside was short. I guess I had arrived earlier than most. I was inside the club and checked in quickly.

The landscape was a bit different than me just diving in luckily. A close fuck buddy of mine was going as a mare that night too. He and I had been fucked together before. We decided if the volunteer handlers were able to do it, we wanted to be side by side getting fucked together for a while at least.

After undressing and checking my clothes, I meandered into the main play space. It was still quite a while before they would allow the stallions into the room. A few mares were standing around chatting and the numbers grew quickly. This was the Horse Market during Folsom Street Fair. It was a big party. My fuck buddy arrived about the same time and we connected.

One of the volunteer handlers is a good friend. My buddy and I asked him if he thought he could keep us together for a little while when the party started so we could get fucked together. He said yes. He kindly put us together next to each other.

Once my buddy and I were hooded we bent over the table in front of us, kissing, knowing that we were both offering our holes to any stallion who bought a ticket. That is what we signed up for. The anticipation was palpable. Fuck, I was really doing this.

It was not long before I sensed a guy behind my buddy. Then sure enough I heard and felt my buddy moan as the guy shoved his cock in him. We kept kissing. Pretty soon someone came up behind me, touched me, then seconds later slid his cock into me. Damn, it was life changing. In that moment, those few seconds that would usher in a long night of fucking, my bottom self was liberated and given the freedom to explore.

After my buddy and I had taken probably 5-6 guys each one of the tops pulled me away to bring me elsewhere in the play space and I played solo the rest of the night.

That night I got fucked 20 times. I say 20 because around 18 I was in a totally fucked blissful blur of a state and I am estimating 20. It could have been more. Honestly, that was way beyond anything I had done before. Way beyond.

After the moans, groans and top cumming growls one hears at a Horse Market party had hit a crescendo and became quieter over time, it was clear the numbers were dwindling. I was about to call it a night when another stallion touched my ass then slid his cock in. Big. Thick. Okay I thought, this would be a great way to end the night.

He took me over to a bench, bent me over, and began to fuck me for a good 30 minutes nonstop. About midway through I heard some guys positioning at the bench next to me and soon the mare was getting fucked, I heard the moaning voice of the bottom and knew it was a friend of mine. A friend with whom I have had sex a couple of times. Jackpot. This would be a great way to end.

For that half hour or so I got nailed by the stallion who ended up blowing his load in me. Shortly thereafter I heard the top fucking my nearby friend unload too. Nirvana. This was Nirvana. It did not get any better than that.

Back in the dressing room my friend and I were both unhooded and we immediately kissed and chatted about us being next to each other as we were fucked and how hot it was.

Memories are great things. You can go back to them and relive and again feel an experience in the past. Regularly I return to the memories of that night at Horse Market.

I went to the next party as a stallion. I seem to like switching back and forth each party. But there is something special about the memory of the first Horse Market at which I was a mare, the party at which my bottom side finally broke free from the shackles of self-restriction.