Below are a collection of stories that have been sent in. I've decided to display them here for your enjoyment. Keep in mind, no play is guaranteed at Horse Market and your personal experience can and most likely will be different than the stories below. If you have a stpry, whether positive or not so positive, send it in. We want to share ALL stories.

: A story from a Mare
: A story from a Stallion
: A Story from a Stable Hand

FTM Mare Takes It All

By BlackPathicus (San Francisco, January 2022)

I’d heard about the Horse Market a few years ago and had wanted to attend one ever since. I’m a slut, and the thought of being used by unseen cocks, fucked and bred over and over, is the stuff of my fantasies. A little about me: I’m in my 50s, Black, a bit short but an average build. I’m also FTM. I started transitioning over ten years ago and have had top surgery and a hysterectomy but no other lower surgeries.

Anyway, I desperately wanted to go to HM, but I didn’t think I’d be welcome until I heard an FTM porn actor planned to attend one in Washington, DC. That made it a real possibility for me, so I got on the mailing list to know when the next party would be. That was early 2020, and we all know what happened next. Flash forward two years later, and when HM started to have events again I tried three times to snag a mare ticket. The third time was the charm! I bought my ticket and booked my flight. Yeah, I was traveling across the country for this, but this was that big of a fantasy for me! I wanted to make my holes available to a room full of cis-men. I wanted to be of use to those men and not have a say in what cock used which hole. I love being submissive that way and it’s rare to have such an opportunity as HM presents.

I got in touch with Horse Market and we figured out together what was needed. They listened and made suggestions. My main concern initially was ass-to-front hole action. When I’m hooking up I just make it clear ahead of time that the cock can’t go from ass to front hole. I’ve gotten more than one infection in my front hole from that type of play so I try to avoid it as much as possible. They suggested that they could tell the stallions to have a clean cock ahead of time, and I was good with that. The only other thing I mentioned was that I was very willing to make all holes available and that I wanted to wear a red hood (meaning I’d take bare cock). Certainly, I could have said I wanted a white hood (condoms only) or that I only wanted cocks using my front hole, and I know that whatever I decided the HM team would make it work, but as I said, I’m a slut! I love bending over, getting fucked, being a cumdump… then using that cum to stroke my t-dick.

HM sent an email out about two weeks before the party, reminding people to get their STI tests done. Honestly, I’m never too concerned about STIs. I’m on PrEP, I get tested every three months, and I came to terms with the world of STIs a long time ago. (It also helps that I’ve not had an STI in years!) I got tested and notified my fuck buddies that I wouldn’t be available before the party.

Man, oh man, figuring out what to wear or not wear was unnerving! I was aware that most mares wear jockstraps, but that doesn’t work for me since they block my front hole regardless of what position I’m in. For me that meant I would be wearing nothing but a pair of boots; I also added some wrist restraints. If I’d had a fun t-shirt, I might have chosen that too, but alas.


When the appointed hour came, I was there, one of about 25 mares or so. I’m not a big fan of walking around naked, even at the bathhouse. So, when I saw the changing area and all the guys in there, I got nervous. Some clearly were Stable Hands. Others were mares in the process of stripping down to their jocks, their shoes, and the occasional chest harness. I took a deep breath and got naked. To my amazement, the world didn’t stop spinning! 

There were no stares or comments; it was all perfectly fine. I was one of them all. I mingled and chatted with the other mares. No one commented about me being trans. I was secretly disappointed, though, that I couldn’t check out any mare dick. We waited and talked to each other for about an hour or so in the play space. I did my best to keep my mind off the fact that it was cold in there!

The space was filled with fuck benches and slings. In the middle of the room, there was a large square platform with a solid top about 2-3 feet high. If I knelt on it and bent over it might have been too high to fuck, but if I stood bent over the edge or lay on my back it would work. Nearby, and lower than the platform, were a couple of mattresses pushed together with Sheets of San Francisco covering them. (I seriously covet those sheets!) I wandered around counting all the pieces of equipment, but those details got fucked out of my brain over the course of the night.

The HM staff checked in with me one final time and addressed any issues I had before everything got started. They were really keen on making sure I had a good time and I appreciated that. I lubed up both holes and pulled out the plug I’d had in since shortly after arriving. There was quite a bit of time that passed before the fucking actually started. Finally, after a brief welcome speech from the hosts, it was time to don our hoods, assisted by the stable hands. The hand-sewn hoods let in the barest of light but not enough to see a face or even a body in front of me.

Once hooded I asked to be moved to a sling: I wanted to make my front hole immediately available and not hide that I was trans. The party got underway, and it didn’t take long for the first stallion to introduce me to his cock. After the first couple of stallions mounted me, a stable hand next to me said that a line had formed. I did my best to make sure each stallion knew how good it felt and how thankful I was that they were using my hole. Most fucked my front hole.

All the stallions were polite. If anyone put a hand or a mouth where I didn’t want it, simply covering it with my hand was enough to get the action to stop. I’d have said something too, but the music was pretty loud and they possibly wouldn’t have heard me anyway. At one point a stallion had been fucking my ass and was headed back to my front hole. I moved my hand to block it and simultaneously I overheard a nearby stable hand or other stallion remind him that his dick had to be cleaned off. That stallion moved on.

It was so fun and so hot for me to be offering up my front hole. More than one stallion commented on how long it had been since they had fucked pussy. I also hoped a few stallions who never fucked a front hole before took the plunge and tried mine out!

The twelfth stallion to mount me was the first to breed me, and it was a terrific breeding. His cock seemed to keep pumping more and more cum into me. After he pulled out, I felt so slutty laying there in the sling feeling his load drip out of my hole. That slutty, beautiful feeling was enhanced by hearing all the moans and sounds of fucking going around me.

A rather hung stallion fucked me later in the sling but damned if it wasn’t the wrong angle. It caused some shooting nerve pain through my hip and thigh. I took as much of his cock and adjusted as best as I could but it got to be too painful, so I asked him to stop.

I spent most of the night in the sling, but towards the end, I was moved first to the platform. There the last stallion who used my ass fucked it terrifically. It was toward the end of the night, and I told him he might have to open me up a bit. He was probably shocked to find a tight ass so late into the party! But boy, did he feel soooo good in my ass.

After some time on the platform, I was moved to my last area, the jumbo mattress. Lying on my back at the edge of it, a stallion mounted me there, then pushed me further back to the center of the bed and mounted me in the missionary position. He seemed to be a big guy and his fucking felt really nice. Someone was at my head preventing him from fucking me off the other end of the mattress! Eventually, he bred me and then licked his cum from my front hole, which I found to be very hot.

My last stallion of the night was a long endurance fuck; he just kept going and going. Sadly (for me at least) he didn’t breed me. The night came to an end shortly thereafter. I can only make an educated guess, but I was mounted about 20+ times in my front hole, sometimes more than once by the same stallion. My ass was used three or four times but never bred. My front hole, however, had at least four or five loads of sperm deposited in it.

A stable hand collected me and led me back to the mare break room where I retrieved my clothes. I got dressed along with the other mares and then headed back to my hotel with a fellow mare. It was great to talk to him and hear his perspective. I flew home, did my STI tests, and everything came back negative. I really appreciate the stallions and other mares who took care of their health.


I can only speak to my experience as a red-hooded FTM mare, but if you’re a trans man and thinking of being a mare, you can be anal-only if you prefer. Whether you choose to open one or both holes to the stallions is up to you. You also don’t have to bareback and can choose the white hood instead.

The Horse Market was an incredible experience of inclusiveness and belonging. The whole team – Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, and all the Stable Hands – work very hard from beginning to end to ensure that trans guys like me have a great time. I’m already looking forward to my next HM one day!

A clear path and thoughts to be a prepared Mare @ Horse Market

by Bo

Champion mares are bred, but in order for champion bottoms to be bred, they must put in a certain amount of preparation. A good mare has to take some action before he can just lie there and take them, one after another. There are several types of preparations that a mare must go through. As a mare, hygienic preparation, physical prep, and mental prep are just some to name a few. If I miss out on anything- this article is always open for discussion and revision.


For hygiene, of course, we all should know about douching; but douching for a single hookup is minor league compared to douching to take varsity-level cocks from both the home and visiting teams. As you hear steps and breaths coming closer, you want to feel confident that your home is like a sparkling Flesh jack right out of the package. Further, you want it to stay that way hours later so that the 30th guy who enters experiences what the first one did, except for the extra organic lubrication deposited as a show of admiration for your hole’s magical properties. 

Yes, you can take a break to freshen up your hole if you need to and the stable/space permits, but do you really want to miss all that stallion cock in the interim? 

You will want to douche several times in advance. Start maybe 3-4 hours ahead of the event in case you run into issues. We have all had those nightmare douching experiences when the water seems like it will never run clear. That will panic you if your Ride Share is coming in 20 minutes. 

Once you're thoroughly douched and get that fresh as a daisy feeling, chill out and drink some water before doing another douche in an hour or so. Then do another touch-up before leaving just to make sure. Even if you think you’re good to go (or good to take cum), a touch-up is nice for your confidence. You have no idea what kind of monsters might be searching for your second hole, or how fast some guys might try to jackhammer. 


Maybe you already eat a healthy diet containing ample fiber and little or no processed food. If not, start eating healthy 3-5 days prior to the big day. In addition, avoid high-fat foods and dairy, and must increase your water or fluids high on electrolytes. 

Avoid foods that you have found make you poop irregularly – beans for example. Protein shakes also cause some people gastric problems. Some people find that bananas bind them so that might be a good choice. But it is important that you know your own body and reactions to food. So experiment weeks before if you don’t have experience. 

I know some people take Imodium (an antidiarrheal pill) before competitive bottoming or even laxative 24 hours prior to making sure everything is flushed out. But be careful it might fire back!

So don’t try it before the event day, but a few weeks before and see how your body reacts. 

Yet, like an athlete getting ready for a contest, don’t experiment with new protocols the day before. You may be unpleasantly surprised. Since you want to take an incessant pounding for hours, don’t eat for maybe 12 hours before except for light snacks like energy bars and or energy drinks.


Beyond the hygienic prep, there is the physical fashioning of getting your hole ready to take all lengths and girths of horse meat. This training should also begin weeks ahead of the event using dildos long and fat. Going about your daily routine while wearing a but plug helps stretch your hole so that it will be more accommodating and less likely to be shocked by the mystery meat behind you. You may also want to increase your bottoming activity with various guys if that is an option to fully prep yourself.


The last aspect of priming is the mental aspect. If you have never been in an anonymous gang bang as the pass-around party bottom, you need to wrap your head around what you are likely to experience. Again, don’t wait until the last day to try to explode your psyche all at once. Read the blogs of people who have been at events like this. Talk to those of your friends who are sluttier than you.

While your vision is taken out of the experience, your other senses will be heightened. You will hear the motion and presence of the stallions and other mares near you. You will be conscious of breathing and heartbeats. The slightest touch will be amplified. You will actually sense the touch before it happens. The anticipation is exhilarating. 

Since you don’t know who is fucking you, your imagination will be at an amusement park. The sex in many ways will be more intense. If you have doubts about whether you are up to this, don’t cum for several days or more before this. You will be so horny that caution will be thrown out the door and absolute sexual abandon will take over.


In addition, it would be “nice” if you could get yourself tested at least 7 days for STD/HIV prior to the event. Why is this important? If everyone practices this, people will be even more confident to participate in this event. People will feel safer fucking and getting fucked knowing that mares and stallions did their due diligence to make this, even more, fun, and sexy and all!

If you do it 7 days before and something shows up, you mostly have enough time to get a treatment to be ready again for Horse Market.

This is, after all, why you signed up for Horse Market: a sexual overindulgence and rapture that is unique.

Horse Marked Mare

By Anon Mare

Me, a first-time Mare 

My first HM: walking in as an HM virgin, walking out with a gaping wet hole.

I got to know about the Horse Market through a Scruff top, who told me about a sex party he was going to as a stallion. Of course, I immediately looked at the website and I felt my hole getting so wet reading about it.

With the onset of COVID, I had to be patient until I was selected as a mare. Finally, in November 2022, I was awarded a mare ticket at CLAW.

When I went to HM as a mare, I was so nervous, but yet super prepared to get fucked by an entire army of stallions. As we went through the process of set up, taking pictures, and getting in place, I was chatting with a fellow mares, who were as new as I was and were nervous, but we were all committed to serving the horny stallions that were on the other side of the door.

The party was delayed by 30 minutes because some mares where delayed, and the Stable Master wanted to ensure that the stable was full of willing mares. Apparently, one of the Stable Hand told me afterward that the Stallions were so horny: as soon as the door opened, they were swarming in fast to get to the mares.

And it was true: as soon as we were told to put our hoods on and our asses up in the air, I was expecting to be on all fours untouched for a while. Within a few minutes, I felt hands all over my tatted ass and hole, I heard from far several mares already getting mounted and started to moan hard and deep.

The first Stallion that wanted to mount me, did not say much: he pushed me down like a Dom top and moved my mouth to his dick, getting him hard and ready. As a good mare, I sucked off his fat cock and when he was ready to fuck, he bent me back over the table and just pushed it in. A deep sniff of poppers and a deep breath and we were off to the races: the marathon fucking had begun in my world!

Soon after the first top was done opening me up, he decided to mount other mares and I could not even adjust my ass, as another Stallion immediately started riding my big ass.

This went on for a few Stallions until “Fat Cock Stallion” came back, but this time he said: I fucked you the first time, I want to breed you, boy. Oh man, as soon as he said that my thick ass went up so high as a mare in superheat: I needed him to seed me.

And so, he started to fuck me deep and then shallow, so I could feel him deep in my guts and then also in my hole. He kept on grunting and saying: that is some sweet ass, boy. Yeah, show me how much you like to take it in your boy-pussy. The more he talked dirty to me and drilled me with his fat cock, the louder I squealed. He then blew such a load deep in my ass, and I could feel his cock throb in my hole.

What a Stallion…..

I got fucked a few more times, but then my knees were getting sore, so I asked the Stable Hand if I could be moved to a soft bed. As soon as I did that, another Stallion came in (Stable Wrangler screamed out: fresh meat coming in !!! All of us mares were immediately ready to the task! ) and he took my ass from behind: I was so loose and cummy by that time, that he stuck his long cock in my ass without any resistance.

This Stallion could fuck…. He went on to fucking me long, slow, but extremely deep, so I was singing a high octave, every time he was going deep., All I could hear him say: Fuck you have a nice ass and such a good mare. Take it deep! We did this for a long while until he too shot his cum in my hole. He whispered in my ears: I pumped so much cum in your ass.

I was smiling ear to ear, poppered up, spent, and completely fucked in the core of my hole.

I ended up getting fucked at least 22 times and taking 4 loads that night. I walked out with a super wet hole. 

I love Horse market, love the fantasy of not knowing who will fuck you and just completely not see who it is, but feel through your hole how a man really feels and fucks. The best!

Trans Mare 220 from SF

By Mare 220

Hey, this is Mare 220 from SF my story follows:

Thank you for throwing an awesome, affirming, and inclusive event. 

I didn't at all feel like an outsider for being a trans man. 

Everyone (including the Stable Hand) were very respectful. I was pretty worried I'd be passed over by the stallions (this has happened to me at some "all-male" parties in NYC), but I was relieved to have gotten some nice action. 

I idled for a few minutes until the Stable Hand directed us willing mares to "get our assess ready" as the stallions were about to enter the stable. I laid my back down on a padded table, spread my legs, and slowly began jerking myself off. I sweated with anticipation, imagining all the ways in which the stallions would have their way with me. I couldn't wait to be their tight little fucktoy.

Within a minute a stallion came over to me, caressed my legs, and began blowing me just the way I like - gliding his wet tongue over the tip of my cock, then taking all of me down to the back of his throat, up to the tip, and back again. I throbbed and squirmed as he teased me. The room echoed with moans of ecstasy as my stallion threw my legs over my head and penetrated my front hole with long, deep strokes: the motion of his cock reverberating from my pelvis down to my toes. Another stallion soon came over, ran his fingers across my chest, and guided his thick, hard cock into my mouth, calling me a "good boy" as the two of them filled me from both ends. This was just the beginning.

Later in the evening, I overheard that a queue was forming for stallions to fuck me. I was euphoric to be so desired! As a trans man, I tend to stick out in spaces such as these. But every mare, stallion, and Stable Hand made me feel right at home. Over the course of the night, I must have been fucked by 7 or 8 stallions, but 1 or 2 of them may have been coming back for seconds. 

My one regret is that I lost my bottle of poppers at one point while I was getting a good dicking, ha-ha. I'll definitely be coming back the next time my ticket is drawn, and I even want to volunteer at the next available event. Thanks, Horse Market for such a great time!

The Magic of the Hood and Other Reflections

by Mark (Mare, Las Vegas, 2022)

I was a first-time mare at HM #26 in Las Vegas. I'll assume you’ve read the other stories and are familiar with the format and mechanics of the event. The experience was intense, and I’ve thought about it quite a bit over the last week. I’d like to share what it has made me think about.

I’m an older bottom, with a grey beard and body fur. I had never done something this intense before, and going in, I wasn’t sure I could. But my biggest concern was the hood since it’s not the kind of thing that turns me on. But until I was there, I didn’t realize how powerful it was:

A mere minute or two in the stable and someone is touching my ass, now fingering my hole, and then penetrating me. I can only experience his cock in my ass, and how we move to make them work. After a short time, he pulls out. I only have a minute to think about this, because quickly, another guy spits on my hole, rubs it in, and enters me. Different feelings, different styles.

The next hour is more of the same: An approach that needs no negotiation: a slap, a fingering, rubbing my back, or grabbing my hips. One guy kicks my leg sideways a bit to make me drop my ass. Each a quick signal of “prepare, I’m entering” and they do, some slowly, some all at once. We are mutually testing the feelings of each particular combination of dick and hole. 

I realize now this is the magic of the hood: I don’t know if these guys are big or small, hairy or smooth. Are they “my type”? I can’t judge how they walk up to me, or their snappy opening line. I don’t have to respond with one. On my knees, hooded, they don’t have much to judge me by either.  We don’t need to size each other up: We’ve already agreed to the intimate act of anal sex by being here - the rest would just be in the way of experiencing the mating of dick and hole. 

With any sexual encounter, especially anal sex, there are phases to it. But at HM, each phase was elongated and multiplied through multiple mountings. It was a three-act play: After that first act of being “sampled” by many stallions, I raised my hand to take a short break. 

I shout out to the Stable Hand: They are the reason this event feels safe and supportive for a hooded mare spending time in a vulnerable position. You should know that there are a lot Stable Hands, led and trained by the Stable Wrangler, almost as many as mares. Anytime I raised my hand, one was immediately there to help. They are there constantly looking out for the mares. A few times a Stable Hand sidled up to me between mounts and quietly asked if things were good and did I needed anything. It really put me at ease knowing they were there looking out for me.

After my break, I came back to the stable and was placed on a big bench with other mares. I was shortly mounted by a stallion:

This time it felt different. This stallion was going on a longer, deeper ride. And so did the next. The stable was past sampling and into finding a groove. This was the second act.  While I know some mares operate only to serve, I felt like these mountings were very mutual: Together we found the right fit and pace that worked for us both. Since the stallion can’t read my facial response under the hood - I got verbal. I let them know what was good for me, what was at the extreme of intense, and what was the right spot. This seemed to work, and these mountings were satisfying, finding the unique feel and connection with each stallion, and then riding it.

Near the very end, the stable hit the third act: I was moved near the remaining mares and was immediately mounted. This stallion was ready to get off. Now it really was about being used for his pleasure.  The ride was long, and rough, and at the very end when he was past the point of no return, he was a wild animal. He came in me, took a moment, and dismounted. Without skipping a beat, the next stallion entered and took me on the same ride. I enjoyed these two fucks, but this was the “being used” kind of satisfaction. Knowing that my role here was to get them to that end goal and feeling them accomplish it.

It was a focusing experience to have the stable progress through these phases, drawing them out, each stallion and mare experiencing each type again and again. It is shallow to say this is a party just about anal sex. It is about focusing and experiencing all the aspects of men fucking men.

Over the course of the evening, one connection stood out: When I was in a sling, a stallion approached, rimmed me, then stood up, put his hands on my chest, and mounted me. I reached up and felt his chest. I recognized his chest and harness from earlier: He’d come back to mount me again! This alone is a big rush. But this time things were long, intense, and bonding. What we had done before worked for us both, and he was back to make more of it. This mounting was long, close, intimate, sweet, and very fulfilling. An unexpected set of emotions with a man I’d never seen.

Since attending, several friends have asked me how many times was I mounted, and how many loads I took. I started counting, but by about the fourth stallion - my mind rebelled: I realized I didn’t want to be distracted by numbers. I’m not filling out a scorecard! If I was after record mounts and collecting many loads - I’d do better be a cum dump in a hotel. For me, this was about being present for each act of anal sex. I got mounted constantly, and know I took some loads - but I don’t care about the numbers at all.

I left the stable exhausted, and ravenously hungry. A few days later, I realized I’ve grown from HM: I know my body’s limits are more than I thought. My appreciation of the stages and styles of anal sex has been honed. And I’ve had the lesson of “You can’t judge a fuck by its cover!” literally pounded into me. I left HM a more aware and more open bottom.

A Spitroasted Mare

By Mare 276 (Los Angeles, November 2021)

To the Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, and the stable hands:

Thank you so much. Kudos! What you all did to provide a great event certainly paid off, and the outcome was great!

All of you made me feel comfortable and safe from the check-in until the end. At the start I was nervous, and I wanted so much to blend in. Stable hands were there for us, welcoming and kindly guiding us. When I arrived I pulled up the wrong barcode on my phone, but the Stable Wrangler helped me out very professionally and without making me feel I wasn’t prepared. All I felt was acceptance from the start.

This was my first Horse Market. I am not so young anymore and not always in the best shape. But the stallions made me feel wanted! They gave me such good compliments, and many of them whispered sweet nothings in my ears as they mounted me. “Good boy,” “Hot fuck,” “Nice hole,” “You can really take it,” and the best of all, “Thank you!” All this encouraged me to be the best mare possible. Despite the loud sounds of the party, I loved hearing them talk about me among themselves. They mentioned my oral skills and how good a bottom I was keeping up with all the stallions using me.

Very often, the stallions came up to me in pairs: one would penetrate my ass and another would slide his dick in my mouth. It was so satisfying to please two stallions simultaneously, then do it again, and again! I decided to spend most of the HM on the same fuckbench being spitroasted (my specialty). I could tell that some stallions fucked me more than once, and it was an amazing feeling inside when they came back for more of my skills!

Except for a 10-minute break to drink some water and catch my breath, I was proud to be able to stay for the entire party of four hours! After one stallion gave me a last fuck, I didn’t have to wait too long for the end of the festivities. Including me, three mares were left.

Though I couldn’t see past my hood, I know I did not get fucked as much as some other mares did. What’s more valuable to me is that I got fucked enough to my satisfaction. This is the first time ever that I lost track of how many times I was mounted or loaded with sperm. I lost track simply because I was enjoying it so much that I forgot about everything else! In fact, I was so satisfied that I decided not to go to another sex party I originally planned to check out afterward. Instead I walked back to my hotel room and just replayed the great Horse Market experience over and over in my mind, enjoying every moment.

From beginning to end, the process was smooth, amicable, and welcoming to me and to all. I felt incredibly safe and definitely wanted by the various stallions who mounted me that night. I am a 200% satisfied mare, both physically and as a customer! Thanks again to all the organizers and helpers… I’m looking forward to the next Horse Market!

Mare Stories from HM SF

By Two different Mares (San Francisco, September 2021)

These are two different stories. 


Working in the hospitality industry, I’ve been very busy lately and putting in a lot of hours because of staffing shortages. As a result, I have fallen behind on both my much-needed play time and my regular STI testing. I decided to play it safe for any stallions loading me up at the Horse Market and for the sake of the other guys there.

Looking around before the beginning of the event, I was worried as all the other mares at HM wearing red hoods got into position. I donned my white hood, and when the stallions were ushered into the stable, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get touched at all. My fears were thankfully unfounded: I got fucked four times within the first 20 minutes then ended up having a threesome that lasted all the way through to the end of the party.

You never know someone’s reason for wanting to wear a white hood and play it safe. Give ‘em a chance, give ‘em your cock… they’re worth the effort!


In the minutes before the Stallions entered the Horse Market, we hooded Mares offered grunts, whinnies, and fits of applause to signal to them that we were ready to mount. From the moment they started pouring into the stable, my pussy was licked, fucked, and bred. I was in a comfy sling most of the time, then on my hands and knees at what I called “Cumdump Row” for the last hour. One raw cock after another teasing, stroking, and breeding my cumslopped pussy, often one in my mouth and in both hands, for four hours.

A mix of mounting styles from the wide variety of skilled Stallions – from slow and sensual to sweaty and primal – kept the pacing ideal. My creamy pussy got churned back to back by dozens of cocks, leaving a nice puddle of cum under my sling. I received around 7 to 10 loads, on top of the 9 from my personal cumdump session before HM; I’d recommend preloading if you can since this party starts up at full speed!

You will be well taken care of by the friendly and attentive Stable Hands, and will definitely enjoy the brotherhood with your fellow pigs, creating a cumslick, sexy, electric and friendly vibe!

Lending a Helping Hand

By Darren (San Francisco, September 2021)

After attending my first Horse Market as a stallion, I was a StableHand at my second HM the following night. A StableHand is the well selected volunteer that help with the event. The experiences couldn’t have been more different, though both were good in their own ways. As the StableHands arrived, we all chatted among ourselves and shared experiences with each other from past events. Everyone was exceedingly nice, and the caring fraternity of our group of StableHands mimicked that of the overall Horse Market population. After setting up the stable we got a full orientation training from the Stable Master & StableWrangler.

Now, on to the show. As mares arrived, we checked them in, each doing our own parts: helping with clothes check, “branding” them with their number using a marker – the only identity stallions would know them by – and chatting with them to make them feel comfortable if any were nervous. Eventually we led the mares into the play area and waited for the stallions to finish being checked in. Then it was time for the real fun to happen. We helped the mares put on their hoods and made sure they were snug and couldn’t see anything. Standing back, looking at all the mares in their positions with their hoods on was surreal. I had never been part of an event like this, looking in from the outside. A room full of hot men, of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There were young and old, fat and thin, tall and short. It ran the whole gamut with no single group being dominant.

The stallions were let in shortly thereafter. Some stallions went right to work mounting mares, while others circled the herd and looked for their first mount. It soon became a mass of moaning men, some louder than others, fucking and getting their brains fucked out. Even with the loud music, the grunts and the moans, it was the “quiet time” from this StableHand’s viewpoint, where we just stood back and watched the action.

As time went on, mares began to raise their hands for assistance. The stallions were all amazing at looking out for one of us if we didn’t see a mare's hand raised in the sea of legs in the air. We’d get the mares whatever they needed: some just wanted a break, others wanted water, some wanted a new position, and a few were ready to leave. To move mares around, they would put their hands on our shoulders as we reached back and grabbed their waists. Sometimes I would even slip a couple fingers under their jockstraps if a mare wore one… I really love that part of a man, right where the waistband ends.  (Don’t worry StableWrangler, there was no sex since I was working!)

When the crowd started to thin a bit, it was time for a shift break and some time to play. There were still so many amazing mares left, and you knew the ones left were the real stars of the show. I found a couple of the “sweet and innocent” looking mares I met and comforted before the event. It was such a turn-on knowing I had talked to them earlier, even managed to remember some names, and now I was fucking their brains out while they had no idea it was me.

As both mares and stallions started to leave, we slowly began to take down the slings as they weren’t being used and moved the furniture off to the side. When the last two mares decided to call it a night, we walked them back to the break room and chatted with them for a bit. They were in amazing spirits considering all of the effort they had just put into pleasing every last stallion they could.

We StableHands made our way back to the play space, took down the rest of the furniture, and returned the venue to its original appearance, packing up other items along the way. After we finished packing everything up, we were all in great spirits as we departed into the darkness of the night, going our separate ways.

For anyone thinking of volunteering: do it; you won’t regret it. Make sure you volunteer for all three shifts. I don’t think it would have been the same experience had I only been there for part of the event! Finally, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and that you’re well rested. Overall, it was an amazing experience, one that I hope to repeat again soon.

THAT White Hood

By Will (San Francisco, September 2021)

I have a ridiculous grin on my face two days after the Horse Market, and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. There is a natural swagger to your step after attending this event as a stallion, a quiet satisfaction for the mares ridden hard and put away wet. The Horse Market was every carnal fantasy I had ever had and at the same time so much more.

After checking in and getting primed for some action, we stallions queued up at the top of the stairs knowing that the mares were getting placed and hooded. We were at attention and almost begging to be freed. The Stable Master and his second gave a final run-through of the rules. He let us know that there was one mare present wearing a white hood and reminded us of the condom-only rule for him. Jokes went around about how no one would touch the white-hooded mare. Some pondered why he would even come. Most guys were full on hard, stroking their dicks and ready to dive right in. I made my way to the front, unsure of what I was about to see and experience. My dick was incredibly hard and leaking with anticipation. We were released with a rousing cheer, “Let’s go fuck!” and we thundered down the stairs.

I was completely awestruck walking into the stable. Mares were everywhere and in every possible position: clustered together ass up on a large fuck bed, on slings, atop fuck benches, and on another bed on their backs, holding up their legs and exposing their still tight holes. Time seemed to stop for a moment. The stable was a still life of eager pleasure about to take place.

As the frantic first round began, the smell of sex and poppers filled the air. Moans of pleasure, the slap of skin, cries of “fuck yeah” and “harder” blended with the music. I mounted a mare on the first table, then decided to move around so as to sample all the offerings at the buffet. Walking over to the second bed I saw him, the rarest of the rare at a party like this: a mare with a white hood draped over his head. Watching a guy tear open a condom with his teeth and roll it down his hard shaft, I saw that stallion begin to fuck White Hood. He turned to me and said with glee, “I think he’s a ginger.”

White Hood was one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. He was tall but perfectly proportioned. He had no hair on his stomach and just the slightest hair surrounding his nipples that you could see when his leather harness rose up as he was being fucked; he also wore a blue jockstrap and black boots. I first held his leg so he wouldn’t have to hold it up himself. He was moaning with pleasure. I crawled on the bed and rubbed his chest. White Hood turned his head and asked if he could suck me. He pulled his face mask down and took me in his mouth.

Unlike most, I had managed to score both a mare and a stallion ticket for HM, but I was unsure of which I would actually use. I made the decision on the plane ride to San Francisco to go with the stallion ticket. Although nervous as to how I might perform as a stallion, I knew that being a mare would take more guts than I could muster. Blindfolded. Serving at any stallion’s pleasure. I know that if I had used the mare ticket, I would have worn a white hood myself: not so much for safety but to limit the activity, and to be protected with one small layer between desire and reality.

I thought about how I would want to be treated if I were White Hood. I pulled out a condom from my sock and rubbed the wrapper edge on his chest so he would know I wanted to fuck him. I asked if it was okay and he said yes. Overwhelmed with desire, I pulled his hand to my dick to show him that I was sheathed. He gave a squeeze and I moved between his knees. I lubed up and pressed balls deep into his silky mare hole.

I started slowly, relishing the feel of his body gripping me. As I fucked him, I rubbed his nipples, chest, and legs. I picked up the speed and wrapped my hands behind his head to hold his shoulders as I pounded away. “Yes. Yes, Sir,” White Hood moaned. “Harder please.”  We were both needy and breathing heavily. I never wanted that moment to end. I breathed on his neck and suckled his nipples. All around us the blur of the sounds of moaning and ecstasy slowly penetrated that perfect moment. I withdrew my dick but couldn’t get myself to walk away. He asked for water and I pressed the bottle I was carrying to his hand. He lifted it to his lips and I watched his Adam’s apple move up and down as he drained the full bottle. I rubbed him through his jock and told him he was perfect. I grasped his leg one last time and took my leave thinking how lucky I was to have experienced this mare.

After refilling my bottle I wandered around the stable for a bit, taking in the sights and sounds of others’ pleasures. Four or five stallions took turns mounting a mare in a sling. One stallion finished and a shorter stallion with an enormous cock mounted and absolutely pounded the mare. The mare moaned loudly, his face tensing with satisfaction as the stallion grunted through his release. That stallion withdrew and the next took his place.

Back at the main part of the stable, I noticed White Hood and another red-hooded mare had been moved to a table. They were both on their backs facing opposite directions with their heads together in the middle of the table. The two mares were touching as Red Hood got pounded; begging his stallion for more, he was unbelievably vocal, and trembled and shook with every stroke given. Another stallion walked up and fed his dick to that vocal mare as the mare jacked his own dick.

No one was paying any attention to White Hood. I approached and put my hand on White Hood’s leg to let him know that I was there. I continued touching him, and as he moaned I moved until I was standing between his legs. I ran the nails of one hand up and down his chest and stomach and began to finger fuck him with my other hand. White Hood was writhing in pleasure. He reached for my hand and pulled me to him. I lay on him for a long time licking and sucking his nipples and neck while massaging his arms, legs, and shoulders. Concerned that he might want someone else to fuck him I asked if he was okay. He pulled me to himself and whispered, “Are you kidding?!”  He was enjoying this as much as I was. 

I’m not completely sure when he realized I was the same stallion from earlier in the evening but he recognized my touch. He told me he needed to stretch his legs so I lifted him to stand in front of me. The red-hooded mare seemed troubled that he couldn’t touch White Hood. I realized that he and White Hood were probably lovers. While holding White Hood, I bent to tell the other mare that I was simply borrowing White Hood for a bit. White Hood and I began to kiss and the smoldering turned fire-hot as we pillaged each other’s mouths while locked arm in arm. I asked if I could suck him off and he consented. I dropped to my knees and released his hard, beautiful cock from the jockstrap. I licked root to tip, sucking on his engorged head and fondling his balls and ass with my hands. Pulling off, I drenched his balls in my drool while breathing in the heady scent of his sex. He was moaning and shaking as I took him deep into my throat. I massaged White Hood’s legs as I quickened my pace. His breathing increased and he pulled me off and told me he was going to cum. I stood and kept stroking as he shouted with his release all over his belly and chest. I rubbed his sperm over his perfect abs.

We moved back to the table. He was fondling me and told me I had the perfect dick. I sat next to the red-hooded mare and White Hood dropped to his knees, wrapping his lips around my dick. I moaned and shook through my own ecstasy as White Hood took me over and over to the back of his throat. I pulled him back up and we lay together on the table. Red Hood was getting fucked by a different stallion. White Hood was lightly running one free hand on the other mare’s arm as we continued to kiss, suck, and bite each other’s lips, necks, shoulders, and chests.

With a free hand I began touching and exploring Red Hood’s body. It took him a moment to realize that I wasn’t his companion but another stallion. I dragged my nails over his nipples. He groaned and began jacking himself. I laid back on the table and pulled White Hood on top of me next to Red Hood. In the next few minutes I became a stallion sandwiched between two crazy hot mares. We became this throuple of moaning, writhing, humping, touching, kissing madness. Red Hood liked rough play and was wonderfully loud in expressing his desire and fulfillment. I went from finger fucking to fondling him with the upper half of my body while White Hood played with my lower half. 

Practically howling with pleasure, Red Hood adjusted my body so I was standing beside the table, then dropped to his knees on the cum-soaked floor and began sucking my cock as he jacked his own. Standing next to me, White Hood kissed and lightly bit on my lips, neck, and nipple piercings. They couldn’t see me, but they could feel and taste me. Their hands and tongues explored every inch. My dick was so sensitive I couldn’t take it any more. I moved Red Hood’s mouth off me and rubbed his nipple as he begged for more. “Harder. Please, harder. Harder,” he was practically shouting as I tweaked his engorged nipple. I dug my nails in and he screamed for harder still. He was still kneeling in front of me madly jacking his dick. What would be intense pain for me was his growing pleasure. He shouted through his release.

The intensity was matched by moments of calm and satisfaction. At one point, White Hood had to go to the bathroom. He shuffled quietly behind me through a maze of men fucking as I led him to the restroom. I got him situated in front of the toilet and he released his bladder. I looked at and held him as he peed. Of all the time we spent this was one of the most intimate moments. It broke through the hyper sexualized context of the evening. We were two guys sharing a connection with one helping the other do something very elemental that he couldn’t do on his own. He finished and I guided him back to the stable and to Red Hood. “I brought him back,” I said to the other mare. We stood all huddled together, our three bodies pressed together with our arms each wrapped around the other two. We had outlasted most of the stable. A group of stable hands had been watching us as they cleaned up the space. I hugged and kissed my mares and watched as a stable hand escorted them to leave.

Epiphanies are perhaps rarer than white-hooded mares. That evening I had poured my whole being into White Hood. He was me looking in the mirror. I gave him all the tenderness, connection, and presence I had to give. He was my fantasy fulfilled. I wonder how White Hood remembers his HM experience, remembers me. How in the middle of all the sex, of all these bodies moving in and out of the other, a real connection could occur. There was this magical spark with White Hood that really illuminated me to the core. It was about how I feel about myself and how I want to be treated and to treat others in the world.

I want to be the white hood for my next ride at the stable.

What Do I know?

By  a1205x, Mare (San Francisco, July 2021)

There are plenty of great things to talk about when it comes to Horse Market. I’ve been a Mare four times and a Volunteer three times, so there are lots of great memories to pull from. Every single event was a unique and fantastic experience. Yet to me the greatest thing about Horse Market may be the most obvious one: knowing and not knowing.

Before I get too wordy talking about how well run the event is and how great the organizers are, let’s first jump quickly to one of my favorite moments. I’m hooded and blindfolded with a simple red cloth hood pulled down tight over my eyes. I can’t see even shadows. My other senses are heightened. All I smell is musk and sex and sweat. I can hear the thumping of electronic dance music bouncing off the walls, yet my ears are more so drowned out by the sounds of sex: over 200 guys moaning, grunting, and coming in unison like one amorphous sexual being. I’ve already been fucked for a couple of hours non-stop and have lost count at 24 Stallions who were inside me. I hear voices around me talking to each other yet I’m not listening to them because I’m getting pounded by what feels like a guy who is smaller than me in stature. Who he is? I don’t know. Yet I know he is really enjoying pounding me as hard as he can.

I am a Bear. I am a big, stocky, hairy guy, 5’11” and over 250lbs, with a big, long beard and plenty of tattoos. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and one of the things I love about HorseMarket is the variety of guys who attend - and yes, trans men are men. Yet for the guys that like Bears I am definitely something that draws their attention. So for me to be in this place, where guys who under regular circumstances might not approach me for one reason or another, to be available for them in this manner where they can live out their fantasy with me while I am also getting off on the anonymity of it, each time has been such a great experience.

So as I am standing there, bent over the side of a fuck table, with a smaller guy figuring out what angle to fuck me from, I suddenly feel him get some leverage by putting his foot upon my left calf. After a few minutes of fucking from this angle, he decides to put his other foot up on my right calf. So I crouch a little more and I steady my stance as he mounts me, standing completely on my calves, grabbing my shoulders for support, and thrusting as hard as he can.

After several minutes, he hops off and tells me to get up on top of the table. I hop on the table and lay across it face down with my head and shoulders over the edge. I hear some more conversation and other voices. I can hear and smell more guys start to approach the table and surround me. I don’t know how many of them are there yet I can smell the musk, and sweat, and come from their dicks. The short guy hops up on the table and mounts me froggy style. Someone grabs my left hand and guides it to his dick, while another Stallion grabs my right hand and puts it on his dick. Then a long and engorged cock pokes me in my face and I hear a deep voice tell me to open up. So there I am, laying across a fuck table, getting fucked, jerking off two guys, and sucking a very long dick all at once. “Oh, he knows what he’s doing - come try this,” I hear the guy in front of me say, and he pulls his dick out my mouth and I’m presented with a second dick to swallow. So for the next several minutes, I go back and forth between sucking three dicks in front of my face, with my hole being fucked froggy style, and both my hands busy. “He having fun,” I hear someone say as they walk by. And yes, it was a lot of fun. I could recognize one of the voices as a friend of a friend, and otherwise, I have no clue who all did this to me, and it’s one of my favorite memories.

Like I said earlier, that interplay of knowing and not knowing is what really provides the energy for me for this event. As a Mare for the first time, I felt like I knew what to expect, yet I didn’t really know what would happen. When you buy a ticket, the HorseMarket team communicates really well about expectations and preparation. So many thoughts and fantasies ran through my mind in the days leading up to it. When you arrive, the Volunteers make you feel welcomed and safe, and comfortable. So you feel like you know you’re in good hands. But what is going to happen? When you go out on the floor and you see a room filled with other Mares who, just like you, are anticipating an incredible evening and also not quite sure what’s ahead of them at the same time, the energy in the room is amazing. And there’s a lot of nervous smiles.

And then when the hood goes over your head, you get into place, and you wait. Then the Stallions come out, and it’s different every time. Sometimes it took a while before I was approached by a Stallion. And other times, after maybe five minutes, I’m getting pounded hard. 

The very first time, it was maybe 30 minutes before any Stallion approached me. I could hear fucking going on all around me - right next to me even. Was this normal? I didn’t know. Eventually, two Stallions played with me, back to back, and I was so satisfied and relieved. So then I took a break. I raised my hand and a Volunteer led me to the break room. 

The break room is there if a Mare needs water, a light snack for energy, to freshen up, or to take a breather. A couple of friends I knew were in there, and a few guys I didn’t know. And we started talking a little bit to ask how things were going. I was surprised to find out a handful of other Mares had also been waiting a bit before anyone approached them. This helped me feel like the waiting game was something normal. And, fast forward to the events where I’ve Volunteered - yes it’s normal. The Stallions move about the room, tugging on their dicks, chatting with each other, watching other guys fuck, and then moving in on a Mare. There’s a flow to it and if you’re a lucky Mare you happen to be in a spot where a lot of Stallions have gathered (lucky like I was when I lost count at 24 Stallions). So I learned by Volunteering that if there’s a lull as a Mare where I’m not getting any action, I know it doesn’t mean anything other than there are lots of moving parts elsewhere.

When you are blindfolded, your hearing and your sense of smell really take over and the whole room sounds and smells like sex. You lose some sense of where you are and how long you’ve been there. You don’t know if it’s been an hour or three. Some guys aren’t obvious about it when they come in you, so you don’t know if you’ve taken three loads or ten. I remember at one point, I got up to go to take a break - thinking maybe one or two guys had come in me - and as I start walking away I feel a massive stream of cum leak out of my hole and drip down my leg - it was well more than one or two.

So even as an experienced Mare, who’s enjoyed this party multiple times, I know what to expect, yet I don’t know what’s going to happen. And of course, I don’t know who any of these Stallions are. And that is what makes Horse Market great.


By  Stallion 215 (San Francisco, July 2021)

I’ve attended several Horse Market adventures in San Francisco and I wanted to share my experience. I love the primal nature of it: Stud Bulls, Stallions, Thoroughbreds, Young Bucks all fucking willing mares.

I’m 51, sexually confident, naturally muscular with a full hairy chest, 5'9”, 190 pounds, fit, with a true Bull-cock 8” x 6½” thick, and my own “stable” of bottoms in SF. I’m all top.

I got there before 7:00 and there was already a line of Stallions. I was impressed by the diversity of ages in the men. I chatted up a handsome bearded guy from LA, about my age. There were lots of younger guys as well. The check-in was very precise. (Be sure you have your papers in order.) As always, the stable hands were great, and I think we gave them the show they expected.

After check-in, I undressed with other Stallions: excitement in the air. You'll have the opportunity to get your junk photographed with your Stallion number. Then the Stallions were led into the stable. Already, I heard the moans of mares. You'll hear that all night. The wondrous sounds of guys fucking. The mares were the center clusters around circular fuck areas, play benches were available, and padded tables on the back wall. 

I ventured to the back of the room where I saw two young mares (late 20s and early 30s) bent over a padded bench side by side. Asses up waiting patiently. I sat between the two young mares and whispered to the mare to my right, “Suck my cock.” A young fit stud: lean, great ass, blond, in his 30s with a hairy chest. He leaned over and took me into his warm mouth as his ass was exposed and ready for mounting. He was a great cocksucker. The cute mare to my right was now about to get mounted. I leaned over and kissed him, describing the Stallion taking his man-cunt, “He’s mid-thirties, 5’8”, 175ish, handsome, about a 6 inch dick.” The young mare was moaning as we kissed and he got fucked. The mare between my legs became distracted as he also got his first mount.

After five minutes or so, the Stallion on my left moved on, giving me the opportunity to fuck the cute “fun-size” mare. He was tiny compared to me, like a 30-inch waist and maybe 5’7”. Still bent over, I grabbed his waist, lubed my thick 8 inches, and slowly entered him, aware of my thickness entering such a small mare. He took it like a champ. “I’m thicker than your wrist,” I whispered, squeezing his wrist for emphasis. Listening to him moan. This mare was a prize. The perfect size for this Stallion to dominate. I told him to trust me, and I carefully guided him to a St. Andrew’s cross station. I pressed his chest onto the padding, stretched his arms out to hold the handles, spread his legs so his body matched the “X” of the cross, and mounted him again, standing, pressing my full weight into him. So deep, I was lifting him to his toes with each thrust. We were there for probably another 10 minutes. Then, I moved him carefully to an available sling. I fucked him and remember the moment I breached his second ring. His moaning was so hot. We had an audience now; I felt like I was now being selfish. “Say ‘Thank you.’” “Thank you, SIR.” I fingered his mouth just before I moved on. He remained on the sling for the rest of the night, getting fucked by virtually every Stallion in the stable. I checked on him throughout the night, concerned. But he was delirious and having a great time. I moved on and rinsed my cock.

I came across a handsome mare standing nearby. He was nervous, like he was about to leave. A sculpted, fit, athletic body, and a great ass. Smooth, white, silky skin. My height, 170 pounds, early 40s. I touched him and he jumped. “Shhhhh.” I touched his chest, ass and body, and inspected him like he was an object. Kissing him deeply, I felt him melt in my arms. My hand pressed down on his shoulder and he knew what to do and made me granite hard. “Fuuuuck, Sir…”

This guy knew how to throat a big dick. The blowjob was slow and amazing. I leaned against the brick wall and observed the room. Masculine bodies in full fuck everywhere. I eventually helped him stand, and found him a spot on the padded fuck bench where he joined 4 other mares. My hands held his ankles, positioning his beautiful ass in place as I cunted him. We were connected. I don’t remember how long I fucked him. Probably for too long, and again I was being selfish. But he was such a prize. I almost came, and would have been happy if I did (he was that good), but I also wanted to play and fuck more men. We kissed, and he thanked me. I remember him being led out of the room by two stable hands. What a great ass. I don't think I saw him return. I was now almost an hour into the market, having fucked two mares and 3 mouth-holes.

To my left was a small, fit, hungry bottom. Again, I love fucking smaller men. We made out for a while. The padded bench area opened just a bit for us. I kicked back and he worshiped my cock and Bull-nuts. A second lonely mare close by leaned in and kissed me. I guided him to my pits and chest, which he greedily licked. Horse Market mares understand their role is one of pleasure and service, which I love. 

Soon, I positioned my mare with his chest on the bench. The other mare was now getting fucked. We fucked in that position for a while. So tight. We had an audience and as soon as I pulled out, I stepped aside for another. I told him I’d find him again. “Yes, please.” I didn’t fuck him again, although I saw he was used throughout the night.

I went and washed off my dick again, and took it all in. If you're a mare, you should know that there are lots of Stallions watching and waiting for mares to become available; Stallions are getting sucked, fucking, and using mares just as you'd expect. At this Horse Market, I’d say there were 2-3 Stallions for every mare.

Walking back, hoping to make it to the main area, I found an offer I couldn’t refuse. A handsome mare on a sling. He was gently being fingered by a small lean Stallion. I flopped my dick on his shoulder and he leaned in. “Suck my cock.” Soon my fat hog was granite hard. The other Stallion smiled and stepped aside. (Not all Stallions who attend are there to mount. Many attend to watch and to also tend to mares.)  I mounted him and soon the oft-familiar “clang, clang, clang…” I was able to hook the heels of my boots to the sling base, and, grabbing the bars above him, I pressed my full cock deep into him and let him ride me, pressing deep on my phallus as he swayed and did all the work. He was a beautiful otter of a man with olive skin. Moaning like a whore, I felt myself breach the second ring deep in his cunt, causing his body to shutter in a deep man-gasm. He explored my hairy chest and hard abs with his hands and was so loud. “Clang, clang, clang…” I don’t know how long we fucked, but now 3-4 Stallions were watching. The Stallion next to me and I took turns, swapping mare cunt. He was built, in his 30s, and equally hung. Two Stallions, and one grateful mare. Too close again, so I pulled out wanting to save my load.

Now in hour 2, I washed off again and walked back to visit the first mare I fucked on the sling. He was delirious. There was a group of 4 Stallions who were enjoying him. His hands, mouth, and cunt, all full. “Clang, clang, clang, clang…” I sat on the bench nearby and watched a man in his early 40s take over and rut into him like a Bull Stallion trying to inseminate his mare. It was a porn quality scene – what is more amazing than to watch a beautiful man unload? His body shuttering, pumping his essence deep. The brutality of it. Primal. He pulled out and staggered back, leaning against the padded bench to catch his breath.

The back area was close to where the mares were resting. Eventually, a stable hand was walking back in a beautiful specimen. This mare was in his 30s, 6’, 200 pounds, athletic and very fit, and very hung. I caught the stable hand’s attention, and he brought me my pony. “Who’s your Daddy?” And he was soon on his knees. I kicked back and watched another Bull Stallion fuck the mare on the sling. What I'll never forget is the sway of that Stallion's low-hanging nuts as he slowly fucked. It was mesmerizing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

I could hear the mare sucking my dick moaning. I hadn't shot my load so it was time to focus. I was starting to regret not flooding the first two mares I fucked, who were both incredible bottoms. I told him to trust me and lead my athletic mare to a protected space on the floor, away from the scene. I laid back on the cold concrete, he kneeled between my legs and continued his worship. Eventually, he climbed on top and rode my dick. The two of us on the concrete floor. Watching his beautifully masculine body riding me was amazing. A perfectly sculpted human male mare, with his fat cock flopping on my abs. His hands explored my chest, he leaned in and kissed me occasionally, but this mare was sooooo deep in his head: the sounds, the lack of sight. His fantasy was being fulfilled, and so was mine. He embraced the full experience while riding me. Again, an audience. And unfortunately, one Stallion distracted him by trying to get his cock sucked. My mare leaned in for protection. I rolled him over and started fucking him missionary. Another Stallion reached in and held his ankles back so it was a bit easier. Missionary on a concrete floor more or less killed the buzz for us. So I thanked him, helped him back to a pad in the center of the space, and told him, “You’ll get a lot of play here.” He became very popular.

Well into my second hour, it became a blur. I fucked hole after throat after cunt in the center padded fucking area. I grew overstimulated. Then, I came across a fit hairy mare, in his 30s. I think I fucked him earlier, because he remembered my cock and body. His perfect ass up and waiting for his Bull mount. A handsome masculine guy, just my type. He quickly had me rock hard with his mouth and hands. “Thank you, Sir.” I guided my thick 8 inches into his ass. His man-cunt was warm and lubed, and I fucked him senseless for so long. Just standing there, rutting him. I was shaking the bench, fucking him steady. More observers. A stallion kissed me and twisted my nipples as I fucked my lucky mare. But eventually, it was just us. Two Real Men fucking. And I shot a huge load. He moaned feeling me unload my essence deep into his gut, reaching under and tugging my Bull-nuts. So much cum. He was almost too exhausted to reach around. He thanked me for my load.

That was it. I was spent, but the evening was not yet over. I now regret not staying longer because the room was still full of fucking. It had been over two hours, though, and my chrome cockring was stippling off my flaccid, spent, overstimulated cock. Next time, I’m closing the place down.

According to my Fitbit, I was there for 2 hours and 15 minutes, my high heart rate peak was 175 bpm, and I burned 1500 calories. Fuck, what an experience! By the time I left, things were slowing down. The visuals, the sounds, the flesh. It was amazing. I’m grateful to the Horse Market organizers for making this fantasy play a reality.

Letters to the Horse Market 

By  Loads of Fun [Mare #108] (San Francisco, July 2021)

Dear Stallions,

I’ve just arrived home from San Francisco. Last night was my first Horse Market. Having heard so much about this party, I’ve wanted to attend for years, so I flew in from NYC this weekend. The experience was everything I’d hoped for, and more.

I wanted to thank all of you Stallions for taking such good care of us Mares as you mounted and used us. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts in our shared online community about the scene and the vibe in that play space, since obviously I didn’t get to see anything. But there was so much going on in the moment that being hooded really helped me focus on my mission: to be a good hole for you. Reading your party highlights afterward was the perfect way for me to “fill in the blanks” and better understand the magic in the room that night.

Honestly, I felt a little nervous and intimidated at the beginning of the night when I walked into a room full of such sexy Mares in heat. But a few smiles, hugs, and kisses from my fellow Mares helped put me at ease. Then the barn doors opened and all of the Stallions came in, and as soon as my first Stallion stepped up to mount me I began to really relax, mentally and physically, and immerse myself in the amazing experience. My personal highlight was probably when two groups of about 3 Stallions each took turns mounting me – once in a sling and another time on a fucktable. It felt to me as if some of you Stallions “in charge” occasionally pulled out just so you could allow other Stallions who were watching the show tag in, either to take a turn exploring my Mare hole, or just for a quick pump, dump, and run. A couple of you lead Stallions even kissed me and whispered words of encouragement; you really kept at ease so much. For three hours, because of you, my hole was never empty. I have never felt so used and so useful!!!

To all the Stallions of the Horse Market, thank you. And a very special thanks to those Stallions-in-charge who made me their fucktoy that night, a night I will never forget!

Loads of Fun [Mare #108]

August 5, 2021

Dear Horse Market organizers and Stable Hands,

I have fun plans this weekend that I’ve been excited about for months, but at this moment I’m only kinda-sorta looking forward to them. I was trying to figure out why, and honestly, I think I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms, after the off-the-hook awesomeness of Horse Market SF last weekend! I need another hit, please…

I briefly thanked your team in a group chat message when I got home (as well as the many Stallions who used me), but now that I’ve had more time to reflect, I wanted to say more than just a simple “thank you.”

The Horse Market was an incredibly well-organized and executed event. As someone who attends (and hosts) parties, I know how much work goes into the planning of even an ordinary party, not to mention an event with as much structure and organization as HM. So I know that a ton of work went into planning and running the Horse Market, but it ran so smoothly that you guys made it look easy.

Before the event, everything from the diligent vaccination verification—which helped me feel safe attendingto informative emails, to the organized check-in process, was handled perfectly. During the party itself, the many attentive Stable Hands (who came within seconds as soon as I raised my hand) kept me calm and comfortable while being hooded in a room full of strangers. I am thankful for the work the whole team put in, but I would like to send a special thanks to the Stable Hands who “carried me on their backs” when I needed to go to the break room or change my location. You made me feel safe and protected as I walked through a room full of obstacles and men.

Post-event communications were prompt and informative also. It was truly a magical experience and a job incredibly well done. I can’t wait for an opportunity to be part of it all again!

Loads of Fun [Mare # 108]

Horse Market: One Mare's Perspective

By  Mare 134 (Washington, DC, January 2020)

Horse Market: One Mare's Perspective  By Mare 134 (Washington, DC, January 2020)

I arrived about 20 minutes into the mare check-in window where there was already a line waiting.  Mares could choose a white hood for safe sex only or a red hood for bareback sex; a majority of mares, including me, selected a red hood.  I learned after the party that there were a few white hood mares, and some were mounted almost as much as red hood mares!  A lanyard with a free bottle of lube was also provided.  The stable hands were all friendly and willing to help, and after check-in, escorted mares up to the third floor where the event was to take place.  Before the escort, each mare was marked on the back with their number and photographed from the back (for the post-event Best in Show for stallions and mares).The setup of the third floor was stunning to say the least.  I might dare call it a homosexual heaven: an even distribution of padded picnic tables, steps and leaning areas, tables, fuck benches, and slings.  Perhaps Willy Wonka came to mind: "Come with me, and you'll be / In a world of pure insemination!

"As the mares congregated, most explored the space, as I did.  Mares could also select their own starting location instead of being assigned by stable hands.  Although I was very briefly tempted to occupy the sling that I loaned for the event, I opted for a spot at one of the padded picnic tables, where at least three or four other mares joined me.  I felt there was good camaraderie, and I commented to some of my fellow mares about being bareback brothers together, ready to service all the stallions.  Someone also made a Handmaid's Tale joke about our red hoods, with me adding that today, all of us were "Of Stallions.

"Before we took up our positions, the Stable Master ascended one of the steps to briefly address us.  He explained the event procedures: whenever any mare needed anything at all - a glass of water, to be moved to a new location or to the rest area or bathroom, to order another drink, whatever - he was to raise his hand high and a stable hand would attend us.  They also roved about to keep an eye on us and occasionally checked-in with each mare to ask if we were OK, if we needed anything.  He also joked that he'd make sure to tell the stallions not to just slam fuck us; we raised a cheer and some applause!  The moment was then upon us.  We took our positions and donned our hoods.  The stable hands helped us to tie them on so they were secure and we waited.  I bent over on the picnic table in position and quietly said some short mantras to myself: "I want to serve.  I want to serve.  I want to make these stallions happy.  I am theirs to use," and other sentiments of the sort.  I really wanted it to be perfect, for me and especially for the stallions.

Before I had put on my hood, I had taken a final glance around and seen all of us bent over, and it was beautiful.  We fell silent and were standing by, the DJ started playing his set, and the stallions began to enter the space.  One stallion brushed his hand on my ass, another felt my hole.  The air seemed to get more charged with anticipation as stallions arrived and the first mountings occurred.  The mare to my right was mounted and he moaned; I grabbed his hand tight and simply said "Congrats, brother."  He happily thanked me and focused on servicing his stallion while I waited.

Finally, my moment to serve came.  A stallion approached between my legs, added lube, positioned his cock, and entered my mare hole for the first time, but it was not a long fuck; he seemed to just be sampling me.  I am sometimes used as a "fluffer bottom," though it can be disappointing.  I just hoped it wouldn't be the only role to play.  Thankfully it wasn't.

Another stallion soon mounted me; it felt to me as if he was wearing full leather attire, since I felt the pants against my legs and ass.  This was the first one to inseminate me, and I was profuse in my thanks.  I brought along my own marker for the event, and I reached up and asked him to mark my first load on my ass.  He obliged, then added more text.  I waited a few minutes, then overcome by curiosity, I raised my hand to summon a stable hand and asked him what the stallion wrote next to the sole tally mark.  The stable hand replied, "It says CUMSLUT."I am usually a silent bottom, but I decided this time to be more vocal, to both encourage and thank each stallion who graced me with his phallus (and, when it happened, his seed).  My usual expressions during most fucks were alternating variations of: "Yes, Sir," "Thank you, Sir," "Fuck/Breed my mare hole, Sir," "Please use my mare hole, Sir," "I'm your mare property, Sir," and so forth.  Some stallions were vocal as they mounted me, others not so much.

I didn't get much use at my initial picnic table location.  As I listened to the mares to my left and right being mounted vigorously and inseminated, I was happy for them but naturally jealous, and something told me I might not expect too much use other than sampling.  The mare to my right asked to withdraw to recover for a bit, and I slid over to his standing position.  I recall one stallion mounting me for a bit, another probing my hole and/or spanking my ass, but that was it.  Eventually, I gave up, raised my hand high, and asked the stable hand to move me to another location of his choosing.  I was slowly walked and placed at the padded tables along the far wall not far from the DJ stage.  After feeling around to get my bearings, I decided to hop up on my back and raised my legs while on the table, and this was my primary position for most of the rest of the Horse Market.  It was of course challenging, and I had to get off the table occasionally and bend over for a bit so I could get the blood circulating, and for stallions to see my load count and temporary "tramp stamp."  But I was convinced that stallions walking in that area would be enticed by at least one mare straining to keep his legs raised and hole in a position that aligned perfectly with their cocks.  I was right.

Several stallions took their turns mounting me; most allowed me to drape my legs on their shoulders.  Some sampled my mare hole, some of them inseminated me.  Throughout the event, whenever a stallion added his seed, I did my best to get them to add a mark to the growing tally on my ass, and others didn't hear me or just walked off before I could ask anything.  Whenever a stallion couldn't mark my ass, I raised my hand high and had a stable hand do it for me.  Although I was satisfied with this approach for my first Horse Market, the next time I serve as a mare, I want to let go completely, to abandon myself to the stallions without any thought of load counts.  Just to serve and to be happy in doing so.

Throughout the event, I imagined the room around me, and what I thought of was glorious and was probably true: mares bent over, mares in slings, mares left and right being fucked, being bred.  I could almost detect an air of glee among the stallions.  They doubtless walked around observing, walking up to mares, mounting them, etc.  This world belonged to them, and mares like me were proud to serve, to exist as their sperm banks.  Men from all over the country (perhaps around the world?) emptying their balls in us, we mares carrying their sperm long after they've gone back to the host hotel and back to their own cities.

One stallion who mounted and inseminated me reinforced the point I was thinking.  When I said my usual lines, he corrected me and made me repeat his own sentiments: "I am everybody's property, my mare hole belongs to you all," and the like.  It brought home to me the communal nature of this gathering.  Yes, all us mares were the collective property of all the stallions, and deserved to be mounted or not according to their wishes, not ours.  (The Horse Market rules, of course, allow mares to refuse a stallion if he's too big or abusive, etc.)  By the end of the event, eight stallions had inseminated my mare hole, and I was thrilled.

Fewer and fewer stallions lingered to mount as many mares as possible.  The house music eventually faded away, and the announcement was given for remaining stallions to dump their final loads and depart.  Another 10 minutes passed, and we were told to take off our hoods.  There was a collective relief and scattered applause at the conclusion of the inaugural Horse Market DC.  The mares went downstairs to collect their belongings and head home, but I lingered a few minutes longer to take in the scene, stretch my legs, and make sure my sling was being packed for me to take home.  The staff present were again very helpful.

The first Horse Market DC was almost perfect.  It was simple, gay sex the way it is meant to be.  This was my first time at a larger application of my own basic philosophy: that tops always ought to choose their bottoms and simply use them.  In the face of the Horse Market setup, our current bathhouse culture is woefully inadequate, with tops taking forever to pick the one or two bottoms they intend to fuck before going home.  I was a little nervous or jittery at first, but I gained more confidence in myself and the abilities of my mare hole as time went on, especially after I was moved to the second location.

This story is but one mare's perspective, and I wish I could learn more from stallions on their own experiences.  (Maybe one day, I'll gain that stallion experience on my own!)For future mares: the Horse Market is simple, anonymous sex, and lets you simply exist to serve stallions.  Come cleaned out, get in position, get your hood on, and enter a good headspace to let yourself go.  At least in my opinion, yes, you will get mounted, and you will almost certainly have a great time!

For future stallions: we mares exist for YOU, and we serve you with joy and with great pride in our abilities.  Enjoy yourself fully!  We want you to mount all of us, to feel your cocks slide down our throats and up our holes, and hopefully to feel your sperm shoot deep inside us (with or without the rubber).  No mare can see it under our hoods, but we want you to walk out of the event space with the biggest smiles on your face and the emptiest balls in town.

Thank you, Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, and every volunteer who helps you put on one of the hottest sex parties around… now stallions and mares, all of you my brothers, let's play!!!

Stallions, Mares and No Cliques, Oh My! 

By  James Xavier (San Francisco, July 2021)

This particular story is from a special *filmed* Horse Market. All regular Horse Markets are 100% private. No pictures or videos are taken. Enjoy his story – and always have in mind, no play is guaranteed at Horse Market and your personal experience can and most likely will be different

I have wanted to attend a Horse Market since I first heard about them in 2019. The format of being in a dark, hardcore play space, filled with sweat soaked, hooded men being repeatedly used by anonymous strangers has always been a fantasy for me, and reading the HM website left me soaked in precum.

The Mare check-in window began at noon; I arrived at 12:05. I waited along with 15 other gorgeous Mares at the side gates of the SF Catalyst while the film crew finished B-roll footage of the temperature check and ticket scan with a beautiful, tall young ginger. The Mares were a mix of new and returning players; I could tell some were a little nervous and I chatted with a few of them. One tall hot Mare had flown in from Missouri.

Once we got into the building we had our ID checked, got our wristband and hood, then stripped, got numbered (having a large number written in three places on my body was an extremely hot experience for me) and photographed from the back.

I entered the play space and I wandered about, checking out the various sexual apparatuses, and staking out the location I wanted to start in. The first thing that struck me about this event was how nice the Mares, all 25 of us, were to each other while we waited. Unlike almost every other mass sex event I've been to since coming out several years ago there was no feeling of cliques or snobbery.

I'm 59 years old and here I was in a group of men, almost all of whom are decades younger than me that included porn actors, men with model looks and amazingly firm asses. There were also a hot big beefy hairy bear, a beautiful trans male, newbies, and experienced men, and we were all talking and laughing. It was a great experience.

As the 1 PM start time approached we put on our hoods and tied them in place, and assumed the "position" in the places we chose. My location, a large bed-like platform in the center of the room, was shared with 4 other Mares. All the Stallions entered at the same time, and almost immediately everyone around me was being mounted and the sounds of men moaning loudly filled the room.

I was not mounted immediately and it took probably 15 minutes before a Stallion rubbed my ass with what felt like a baseball bat to signal his desire to mount. I raised my ass to receive him. He entered me and fucked me for about 5 minutes before departing.

Another 15 minutes passed and my second male touched my ass, and as I raised it he slid into me and stayed about 5 minutes before withdrawing. Waiting for my next mount a very hung male grabbed my skull and rubbed it, then pulled me to his massive cock which I sucked for about 10 minutes.

In my first location at the padded platform, I ended up being mounted but not bred by six Stallions and sucked the one thick cock. As the action slowed down from where I was, I raised my hand and a Stable Hand quickly responded. (All the volunteers were great, very friendly, and very quick to respond and ask for what we needed. Don't hesitate to raise your hand for anything you need!) I asked to be moved from the platform to a fuck bench and the handler led me by having me put both hands on his shoulders.

Once in the new location I waited about 15 minutes for a mount, but hearing the men surrounding me was a rush, especially the Mare in the sling who was pounded mercilessly from what sounded like a nonstop line of Stallions. When my seventh Stallion mounted me, he stayed in me a long time and really enjoyed my hole. He was vocal, and I am a very physical, vocal Mare. We really got into the verbal exchange, then after about 10 minutes I could feel him starting to reach orgasm and felt his quads tensing. As we both grunted he suddenly buried his thick cock deep in my gut and orgasmed. He stayed for another few minutes while I milked him, then he slid out and moved on.

Stallion number 8 came along quickly, and as he fucked me the load from number 7 must have been visible. At that moment I heard the videographer say something to the effect of, "Big load! Fuck it into him!" I think they shot that session; it seemed the camera lights came on but with my hood securely on, I couldn't be sure. (I would sure love to see that on video!)This was followed by another long wait so I raised my hand and took a short break. It was nice to catch up with my fellow Mares in our shared break room and share our experiences so far.

After the break I was returned to another fuck bench where I took the ninth and tenth Stallion cocks, one of them a dominant dude with a hot German accent. He was very physical and verbal, and I really enjoyed how he took control of my body. My final interaction of the day was when someone that I think had been fucking a Mare in the sling in front of me slapped his cock in front of my face and rubbed my skull. His cock was drenched with cum and lube. I gobbled him up and cleaned the full length of his thick, cum-coated phallus.

I finished around 3 PM, as did most of the Mares, and we sat in the break room sharing stories for 45 minutes until the Horse Market ended and we all headed out.

So what lessons did I learn, what tips can I pass on?

First, a few Mares and I remarked that it seemed as if Stallions may have mistakenly thought that all the Mares had been lubed or previously mounted, so they didn't use as much lube themselves. Mares like me are always ready and willing to be mounted but Stallions, don't assume anything and apply lube generously to your mounts - at least till things get really hot later on in the party!

I also had to remind myself that Stallions cannot orgasm endlessly, so Mares, although you may be mounted multiple times, you simply will not be bred by every Stallion. It's important to plan for that reality, so don't ever see it as a sign of rejection.

This particular event was extensively filmed and photographed, so it was kept very small compared to regular parties, to facilitate the film crew's equipment, physical movement, lighting, and videography. Although the attendees were fewer in number, it was an absolutely fantastic event, and I cannot get over how positive the vibe was from both the Mares and Stallions.

The Horse Market is a really pleasant group sex event that didn't feel at all like an event full of strangers, and the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. I continue to see comments in the HM's online community that refer to it feeling like a brotherhood and not just some event full of "randos and anons." That is exactly what made this such a great event that I will attend again!

The Ecstasy of Primeval Fucking 

By  EricRWC (San Francisco, July 2021)

"Everything in life is about sex. Except sex, which is about power," said Oscar Wilde. This is the essence of Horse Market events, where willing Mares surrender to horny Stallions for everyone's mutual pleasure. As a Stallion at San Francisco's filmed HM event, I moved from Mare to Mare every ten minutes or so, discovering a new hole, noticing each Mare's slight moves and moans as I changed pace and position, smelling a different skin, hearing the grunt of my fellow Stallions all over the common space. And all this brought me intense pleasure and contentment. But, as fans of the Marvel Universe know, "With great power comes great responsibility." It is therefore every Stallion's duty to make sure he satisfies his Mare. For this to happen, we need two things. The first: Feedback from the Mares! Because without hearing you or feeling your body acquiesce, we do not know how to best please you. So, Mares, react to your Stallions! This is also what will bring you more action: When I see a Stallion and a Mare having a good time, I want to be next to mount…The second thing we need is well-aroused Stallions! Horse Market is a fast-paced event, hence having difficulties staying hard for a long time will be frustrating as you will not feel fully engaged with the event vibe. So, Stallions, call modern pharmacopeia to the rescue! (I do, and it works amazingly well. You will need to check with your physician first, and avoid poppers)An additional tip for the Mares now: Select a position that considers body type to maximize the Stallions' visits and the enjoyment you get from them. Doggy-style is the default at the event. However, if you have a beefy ass, get in a sling: The average cock size of the Stallions is something like 6.5", so let's not waste a few inches between those cheeks! ? And if you are much taller than average, lay on your back or do a sitting doggy-style! Otherwise, the length of your legs hinders shorter Stallions' entry. During this last event, and over two and a half hours, I mounted a dozen Mares, most often coming back for a second round after a short break. I loaded my favorite Mare in appreciation, and another Stallion joined in to shoot his load on that Mare's back. We were filmed, which added extra excitement, and maybe this scene will make the cut! In conclusion, come over and join us at Horse Market. No attitude, a great spirit of community, and awesome guys!

Mating Season 

By  a Perpetually Horny Stallion (San Francisco, July 2021)

I like that sense of exhilaration and sometimes the unexpected that comes with participating in the Horse Market. Indeed, its eleventh edition since 2018 did not disappoint. And oh, what a night it was after a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

With my mask on, I, along with my fellow stallions, marched into the stable in masse once the gate opened. I took the first couple of minutes walking briskly to survey the stable, counting about 25 mares - overwhelmingly red-hooded - spread out before us. In the spirit of Dore Alley (even if it was belated), many of the mares wore harnesses and jockstraps. Some were head down, ass up on the big center fuck table. Some were standing facing a wall or padded tables. Others were lying face down on pommel horse-like fuck benches, sans handle bars. Several were in slings

.Although the lighting in the stable was dimmed, I could see that in the true HM spirit, the mares came in all colors. The mares also came in all shapes and sizes, from skinny guys to cubs and big bears. From dad bods to worked-out muscular jocks. From naturally smooth to furry. From big bellies to ripped abs. There was something for every stallion in this buffet of mares ready to serve them. Similarly, my fellow stallions came in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

In no time, some stallions positioned their chosen mares to have them suck their cocks. Other stallions rimmed the butt holes that they were going to plow. Other stallions skipped the foreplay entirely: they lubed up and slid their cocks into the hungry, twitching mare cunts. Mating season - 18 months in the making - had begun!

Watching all that was happening and hearing the moans and groans of the mares got me hard instantaneously. It had been so long since the last Horse Market that I decided to skip the foreplay myself and started sampling and mounting the mares for the first 15 minutes or so. I had sampled four mares before I stumbled upon a beautiful mare standing facing a wall and a padded table. I touched his firm, shapely butt. I bent him down, and then I slid my lubed cock into his already-used pussy. I felt the loads from previous stallions in his hole as I drilled away. He touched and rubbed my firm quads as I continued fucking him mercilessly. After about five minutes of pounding, and him moaning the whole time, I could not hold back any more and blasted my load in him, grunting loudly. Cum dripped from his mare hole as I walked away.

I stopped by the restroom to rinse off, then returned to the stable. I did not sit or stand still to recharge, preferring instead to walk around the stable to watch the live sex that was going on. One hot scene occurred at the center fuck table. Two mares were ass up waiting for stallions to buttfuck them. Three others were being fucked doggy style. The moans and groans were deafening as I could not distinguish which ones came from which mare. One of the three was a hot mare being fucked by a gym-fit stallion with what looked to be a 10-inch cock. The stallion took his time impaling the hot mare with his 10-incher. I could only imagine the ecstasy that the hot mare was experiencing as he moved his head up and down or side to side with each deep thrust. Every now and then, the stallion whispered something in the mare's ears and kissed him. Watching this scene got me recharged as my cock stiffened up. I was ready to mount the other two mares at the fuck table that had previously been waiting, but they were now being fucked by other stallions. Instead of waiting for my turn, I decided to sample and mount other mares I had not yet touched.

During this tour of the stable, I noticed a stallion getting his cock sucked. I decided to spit roast the mare, sliding my cock deep in his butt. The stallion getting his cock sucked encouraged me to fuck harder and harder, as the mare liked to be pounded rough. I obliged until the mare could not take it anymore and raised his hand to take a break. I helped spit roast three other mares before I returned to the center fuck table.

Back at the fuck table, several mares had replaced the previous ones that had since been moved elsewhere in the stable or were taking a break in the mares' break room. I slid my cock into a harnessed mare with a cute butt. As I buttfucked the mare, a stallion playfully slapped my ass. He then effortlessly slid his cock into the mare next to the one I was pounding. These two mares started kissing each other as we pulled their harnesses while throttling their asses side by side. After several minutes of synchronized ass fucking - why is this not an Olympic sport!? - the stallion next to me grunted as he blasted his load into his mare. I followed shortly after, depositing my own seed into my mare. I was drenched in sweat after shooting my second load of the night, so I rinsed and dried off again at the restroom.

I walked over to a sling, where a vocal mare had been stationed since the start of the sexual festivities. He had taken cock after cock almost nonstop. I stood about 10 feet away watching a group of stallions surrounding the sling. Each stallion took turns plowing the mare. I stroked my cock as I watched the mare take it like a champ - from the slow, sensual thrusts to the jackhammer fucks. My cock eventually got hard. The stallion who acted as a pseudo-pimp to the mare in the sling signaled me to come over. I obliged. He stroked my cock to make sure it was hard then guided my cock into the mare's butt hole. I fucked the mare rhythmically as I held onto the sling's steel chains to slide the mare's pussy in and out. As I continued pounding away, more stallions surrounded the sling. I realized these stallions also wanted a turn to buttfuck the mare. I stopped my own fucking and let them take over.

Once again returning to the center fuck bench, a new set of mares now occupied the location. A vocal mare was lying on his back and used his arms to hold up his legs, exposing his beautifully used cunt. A steady stream of stallions took turns pounding his mare hole. He moaned and groaned for the duration of each fuck. He was much louder when a hung stallion entered and throttled his ass. When the opportunity arose, I stepped up to the plate, gave the mare's arms some rest by putting his legs over my shoulders as I fucked away. As I did so, he reached up to touch my pecs and ripped abs, which for some reason made me hornier. I sweated profusely before grunting and blasting my third load of the night into him.

I took a short break by getting a drink of water and going to the restroom to dry off, pee, and rinse my cock again. It was then about 9:30 PM, over two hours into the Horse Market. Several of the stallions and mares had left for the night.

After recharging and spending some time mounting the few mares I had not gotten around to yet, I encountered one resting on a pommel horse. He was the quietest and most docile mare in the stable. No matter how rough a stallion was fucking him or how big a cock was demolishing his cunt with each thrust, he made no noises at all. I slid my cock into him and pounded away as he continued resting on the pommel horse. A stallion helped me spit roast the mare, making the mare suck his cock on the opposite end. I pulled the mare's jockstrap as I continued pumping away at his mare hole. A couple of stallions stood watching. I increased my thrusts and leaned over, whispering and asking the mare if he wanted my load. He replied loudly, saying that he wanted it and begging me, "Please shoot your load in my guts!" I grunted loudly as I deposited my last load of sperm of the night into him. As I pulled out, I saw cum dripping from his mare pussy. Another stallion quickly rimmed and buttfucked the mare.

It was then about 10:30 PM. I had already sampled and mounted almost every mare in the stable and shot four loads. I was surprised and impressed by a handful of mares who took cock after cock after cock, almost nonstop since the beginning of the Horse Market. A few of them did not take breaks at all. I have been to HM many times before, but this was the first time that I noticed any mares not taking a break. (I'm sure there have been other mares in other stables who have done likewise, but they sadly escaped my attention until now.) Kudos to these mares for their strong stamina! I thanked the stable hands before casting my vote for the best-in-show mare - each stallion can vote for up to three choices - and leaving the venue. Although drained for the night, I was ready to return to the stable less than 24 hours later for another edition of the Horse Market to fuck and to breed another fine selection of new and returning mares.

Perfect Vibe 

By  Military Mare (San Francisco, July 2021)

The Horse Market is by far the best sexual experience I've ever had. When I showed up to the mare entrance Friday night, there were a few of us there desperately waiting for them to open the door. Check-in was like clockwork and was quick and smooth with awesome and helpful stable hands.

While I was getting out of my clothes and choosing my red hood, I scanned around the room, taking in all the sexy mares getting ready to please every stallion cock they could.

After dropping the few things, I brought with me to coat check, I wandered into a room lit red, with benches, slings, and tables amongst other things. The room was filling up steadily with mares. We all made conversation while pre-lubing and fingering each other's cunts in anticipation. Everyone from the stable hands to the other mares were awesome with giving advice about what was to come.

Finally, we were told to find a place and don our hoods. I initially placed myself bent over a table near the back of the room. I waited and eventually felt some hands graze my ass and play with my hole. He put his cock against my ass and teased my cunt with the head. He began fucking me when another stallion came over and started making out with me. Telling me how much bigger his cock was and how he was going to fuck me. The previous stallion left my hole for another and I was mounted by this hung stallion; he stretched my hole good.

That stallion moved me somewhere up against the wall, had me suck his cock for a while before fucking me again. Finally, he moved me to a sling and this moment would set the pace for the rest of the evening. He put me in this sling and fucked the hell out of my cunt. It felt amazing and I'm sure everyone in that room knew where I was. I sex wasn't meant to be quiet and I sure don't try to be. I'm very verbal. Though I couldn't see, I was told there was a line forming to fuck my cunt.

From start to finish I was mounted by one stallion after another. The vibe was perfect and I was totally feeding off the energy and vibe of the stallions. I always had stallions on both sides of the sling having me suck them. It was hot to taste the other mares' cunts and stallions' cum when they had me suck clean their cocks while I was being fucked. I was mounted by stallions taking their cocks and loads one right after the other, for the entire night. I'm not exaggerating, I was mounted at least 75 to 100 times and took more loads than I could keep count of. I took noticed of some stallions that paid me two or three visits that night. I had enough cum bred deep into my gut that I continued to leak cum well into Saturday evening.

The stable hands were awesome and very attentive. Through the entire night, both stallions and stable hands would check and make sure I was doing okay, asked if I needed anything, and ask if I needed a break. While this was an incredibly intense and raw session, I felt 100% safe giving up all my power and sight to the Stable Hands and stallions. Thank you for this opportunity and I can't wait for another opportunity to please a room full of hung stallions again.

A First-Timer’s Vivid Picture of The Hottest Night of His Life

By  PalmSpringsStallion (San Francisco, July 2021)

Words aren't enough to explain the sensations in the room at the Horse Market. You have to see the spectacle laid out before you and feel the supercharged energy for yourself. But here goes my attempt to paint as vivid a picture as I can.

We Stallions opened the door to a sizzling buffet of willing Mares who looked tasty as fuck - their asses glistening in the red light, enticing and eager to serve us, spread around the room in different positions, hooded and cut off from sight, leaving their other senses heightened.

I immediately spied the hungry Mare in a sling near the entrance. I knelt down to slide my tongue into his fresh, tight hole to get it wet and loose for my cock, which slid in easily. He began to moan as I opened him up with each thrust. Wow, what an awesome start to the night, I thought.

In just over two hours' time, I think I mounted 20 Mares (some a couple of times) and then lost count. Each and every one was ready to take what I would give.

I would whisper in my deep voice to assure them that this daddy top would have his way with them. But since my cock is pretty thick, I also wanted to be mindful of each Mare's ability to take it. And I was pumped to learn that without fail, they all wanted to please me, cock size be damned.

And it went on, and on: Mares bent over tables as well as lying on their backs, pulling knees back to open their asses as wide as possible; strung up in slings to have our cocks rocked in and out of them; splayed atop fuck benches and reaching their hands back for me to grab to signal that they were totally submissive.

Holes to fill, cocks to fill them. I didn't know I had it in me to fuck almost nonstop for hours. I finally left the room dripping sweat, having blown loads into two Mares over the course of the night and cheered on other Stallions as we fucked as we pleased.

The vibe in the room was electric yet chill. And the very attentive Stable Hands made sure it stayed that way. A tip of my hat to them for all they did to keep us hard, wet and happy. Thanks a million, guys.

And thanks to the Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, check-in staff, fellow Stallions and the amazing Mares - for making this, my first Horse Market, a memorable one.

Back in Palm Springs, I learned a few days later that the Stable Hands honored me with their votes as "Best in Show Stallion." Whoa! I am humbled that my actions in the Stable contributed to the ultimate goal of a night of sexual freedom to never be forgotten.

Tipping Point

By  Race Bannon

Horse Market holds a special place in my kinky pig heart. After a large chunk of my life functioning as essentially entirely top and dom, I have explored and significantly broadened my horizons around versatility over the last decade.

While in my head and during smaller private play scenes I have readily flipped between top and bottom, exposing my bottom side publicly has happened less. It was a mental block for me. I was holding on to that dom top persona with which I identified solely and strongly for such a long time.

Tipping points are odd things. They happen when they happen. When I decided to bottom at a Horse Market party, I had reached a tipping point.

A couple of months prior I had attended a Horse Market party as a top (stallion). It was a blast. Fucked a lot of guys and had an amazingly good time. My toe had been dipped into the Horse Market tub, so to speak. My pig top side was sated but I watched all those guys I and other men were fucking having a great time and I knew I had to challenge myself to try it for myself.

So, I bought myself a mare ticket for the next party. From the moment I clicked the purchase button there was some mild apprehension. Could I do this? Would the reality of it be as hot as the fantasy? Was I biting off more than I could chew?

Eventually the day arrived. I ate light. I prepped in the shower. I never seriously considered not going but my mind probably was not far from that decision. Pride took charge. This was something I knew I wanted to explore. To be proud of myself I would need to go, to dive into the deep end of the pool and see if I could swim. I do not like to think of sex as competitive in any way, but I felt I needed to do this, for myself, for my exploratory self.

The line outside was short. I guess I had arrived earlier than most. I was inside the club and checked in quickly.

The landscape was a bit different than me just diving in luckily. A close fuck buddy of mine was going as a mare that night too. He and I had been fucked together before. We decided if the volunteer handlers were able to do it, we wanted to be side by side getting fucked together for a while at least.

After undressing and checking my clothes, I meandered into the main play space. It was still quite a while before they would allow the stallions into the room. A few mares were standing around chatting and the numbers grew quickly. This was the Horse Market during Folsom Street Fair. It was a big party. My fuck buddy arrived about the same time and we connected.

One of the volunteer handlers is a good friend. My buddy and I asked him if he thought he could keep us together for a little while when the party started so we could get fucked together. He said yes. He kindly put us together next to each other.

Once my buddy and I were hooded we bent over the table in front of us, kissing, knowing that we were both offering our holes to any stallion who bought a ticket. That is what we signed up for. The anticipation was palpable. Fuck, I was really doing this.

It was not long before I sensed a guy behind my buddy. Then sure enough I heard and felt my buddy moan as the guy shoved his cock in him. We kept kissing. Pretty soon someone came up behind me, touched me, then seconds later slid his cock into me. Damn, it was life changing. In that moment, those few seconds that would usher in a long night of fucking, my bottom self was liberated and given the freedom to explore.

After my buddy and I had taken probably 5-6 guys each one of the tops pulled me away to bring me elsewhere in the play space and I played solo the rest of the night.

That night I got fucked 20 times. I say 20 because around 18 I was in a totally fucked blissful blur of a state and I am estimating 20. It could have been more. Honestly, that was way beyond anything I had done before. Way beyond.

After the moans, groans and top cumming growls one hears at a Horse Market party had hit a crescendo and became quieter over time, it was clear the numbers were dwindling. I was about to call it a night when another stallion touched my ass then slid his cock in. Big. Thick. Okay I thought, this would be a great way to end the night.

He took me over to a bench, bent me over, and began to fuck me for a good 30 minutes nonstop. About midway through I heard some guys positioning at the bench next to me and soon the mare was getting fucked, I heard the moaning voice of the bottom and knew it was a friend of mine. A friend with whom I have had sex a couple of times. Jackpot. This would be a great way to end.

For that half hour or so I got nailed by the stallion who ended up blowing his load in me. Shortly thereafter I heard the top fucking my nearby friend unload too. Nirvana. This was Nirvana. It did not get any better than that.

Back in the dressing room my friend and I were both unhooded and we immediately kissed and chatted about us being next to each other as we were fucked and how hot it was.

Memories are great things. You can go back to them and relive and again feel an experience in the past. Regularly I return to the memories of that night at Horse Market.

I went to the next party as a stallion. I seem to like switching back and forth each party. But there is something special about the memory of the first Horse Market at which I was a mare, the party at which my bottom side finally broke free from the shackles of self-restriction.

Surprise! Embrace the Stallion 

By  Samuel Buffet (San Francisco, July 2021)

This particular story is from a special *filmed* Horse Market. All regular Horse Markets are 100% private. No pictures or videos are taken. Enjoy his story.

I grew up on a farm, so I've spent time in a real stable helping to take special care of everything during mating season – the natural springtime rhythms of bull stallions putting fertile mares into heat naturally. The mounting, the inseminations, the circle of life. I thought I knew it all. Then I heard of the Horse Market.

Racing home from a random hookup's place, I looked up the HM website and devoured all the content. I became obsessed with the theme I already knew so well in another life: stable, stallion, mount, mare, discreet, selection, mating season, breed, best in show, impregnate, DNA With my boner in hand, I subscribed to the newsletter.

Not long after subscribing, I received an email with an invitation to purchase a ticket. I hopped online and bought one immediately, all on the basis of several stable experiences and the fantasies I've played out in my head. Reality set in: I was actually going to get to fulfill this fantasy. I told my best friends that I was heading to San Francisco for the weekend. The city of sex and kink. I explained to them that I was to attend an event that might resemble something like the cross between 50 Shades of Grey and Eyes Wide Shut.

I had plenty of time to mentally prepare for the event and consider several different scenarios. The online forums via Telegram were helpful to get my questions answered. “But,” I thought to myself the whole time, “I'm pretty experienced sexually; I've seen and done it all. This can't be anything extra surprising.”

Fast forward to that blessed day.  The Stable Master gave the command: “OK mares, it’s time to lower your hoods… we’re letting the stallions come in now.”

The filming lights were brightly on, the camera rolling, but under my red hood, it seemed dark to me. Complete blackout. Complete silence. My eyes started jittering from side to side trying in vain to put together images of shadows.

I remembered my farming days: bull stallions putting fertile mares into heat. These are the stallions who overloaded my senses, who impregnated me with their seed.

Five stallions mounted me in the first fifteen minutes. Raw cock after raw cock; I felt like I was on an assembly line of a factory. Then a sixth stallion mounted and penetrated me. He used my mare hole for a few minutes, then grabbed my shoulders pretty aggressively and pulled himself as far deep in me as possible. That’s when I felt his huge cock start to pulsate inside of me, and I felt a huge rush of warm fluid in my raw insides. I cringed and screamed in pleasure. I reached under his huge nut sack, felt the muscle contractions, and practically tracked the release of the stallion’s precious semen from epididymis to vas deferens, through his engorged phallus, and deep into my mare hole.

That’s when I finally pieced together everything that I had learned from my boyhood farming days to the time spent on the HM website to this moment with this stallion. My purpose here is very important to the survival of our breed of homosexuals. I must be here just to receive the stallions’ semen and I’ve got to make it happen. I was committed now. I thought to myself, “I traveled all this way. I cannot let the stallions down. I cannot tell them no. I must – I will – make my hole available to any and all of them. There’s no backing down, no tapping out now.”

Later, just when I thought things couldn’t get better, a stable hand tapped me on the shoulder and offered to place me in a sling. I was surprised and very appreciative of that stable hand (and all the rest of them too) looking out for me! It's their job to not only ensure a proper mounting, but also that their mare is getting mounted. My mind went to a livestock auction: the dedicated stable hand out there in the dirt showing off his mare, trying to get the highest bid.

The stallions who mounted me in the sling seemed to love it best when I threw my hands behind my head, exposing my furry armpits for them to sniff, lick, and grope with lustful abandon. Putting my hands behind me also showed off my flexed biceps. But what I loved most was being able to connect with each stallion using my hands. With great care and respect, I’d glide my fingers up his arms and onto his shoulders. I felt him slide then slam his meaty cock deep into me. I found myself then forcing my hands onto his pecs, pushing gently on them, letting him know without words just how much he shocked me. 

Feeling each stallion’s sweat drip down his chest was a genuine thrill as I rocked back and forth on the sling and accepted his raw cock over and over again. Knowing these thoroughbreds were working so hard to plant their sperm in me was such a turn-on. My fingers continued to explore each stallion’s body as best as I could: chests both furry and smooth, rock hard abs and those more soft. Although blinded by my horniness and by the hood, each stallion that mounted me was absolutely stunning!

Two stallions at the sling broke new barriers in my sexual life. One of them stepped up to mount me. I could practically hear him neighing with the man who just finished in me. The stallion exiting relayed to the one about to enter: “He’s a good mare. You can really slam it in this one!” Which is what he proceeded to do immediately. As he penetrated my sloppy mare hole, I felt something cold and metallic, thinking it to be a chrome cockring. But as his cock sank further and further inside, I kept having that same feeling, just deeper now. His hard abs slammed against my ass; I could tell this was a well-built stallion. Another racehorse of a man. I groped my hands toward his chest like the ones before to feel his sweat and hair. I reached for a nipple and it was pierced. His other nipple also had a piercing.

My jaw dropped and my brain sparked in realization: cold, metallic cock, nipple piercings… The stallion heard me almost yell at him, “Oh fuck, your cock is pierced, isn’t it!?!?” I wish I could’ve seen his facial expression, but he just bellowed back, “Mmm-hmmmm!” As he was about to finish, he pushed the sling farther back, forcing our two bodies to connect. His furry chest hairs meshed with mine, his nipple rings brushing against my nipples, his thick hunk of metal at the end of his cock. He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “You’re doing great.” A great affirmation as he finally pulled out and rejoined his fellow stallions in search of mares to mount.

Still in the sling, another really hung stallion did something with his fucktool that had never been done to me before. As he mounted and fucked me, he gripped the back of the sling and curled it up to force his raw stallion cock even deeper inside of me. I squealed. My legs started shaking and I felt my hole contract. The stallion made me discover my internal second hole for the very first time! This was a brand new feeling for my body and I was surprised at what had just happened.

The element of surprise is a very special experience. I think it's important for humanity to accept those surprises and treat it like something of greater power had just occurred. Just when I think I know everything – down on the farm, anonymous sex, even my own body! – I learn to embrace the surprises life has to offer. The Horse Market has added quite a few to my memory now.

Remember to take the time and embrace the surprise. A mare is here to be used for mounting, and sometimes for breeding. I’m sure it’s all in my head, but I feel as if the HM organizers and stable hands are secretly arranging the most beautiful stallions and mares so that they produce the best offspring, worth the most. If chosen, if impregnated, it is our job to carry the semen and see if we can produce award-winning, best-in-show quality mares and stallions for the future.

I have found my people. My family. We share some of the kinkiest sex ever. It was hard knowing we all had to leave the stable eventually, and go on our own paths again! My heart aches for those at the Horse Market that I made special bonds with. Truly invaluable are the memories I made here, which I’ll replay in my mind over and over. Can't wait until we're able to be together again, stable mates!

A Mare-Pup’s Fantasy Come True 

By  AfterDarkPup (San Francisco, July 2021)

This particular story is from a special *filmed* Horse Market. All regular Horse Markets are 100% private. No pictures or videos are taken. Enjoy his story.

I bought tickets to the Horse Market a couple years ago, and had planned to go with my friend so I had someone to swap stories with, but then the pandemic happened. Being able to get the tickets transferred to a future party was amazing. But I ended up by myself there, which was a bit scary, but still exciting.

There was plenty of time to get ready before the stallions showed up, but I arrived super early all the same! I have never been to an event like HM and have only played with friends, so this was a huge step for me. It gave me a chance to test my limits and try something I may never get to experience again. And even though I already had tickets for that evening's event, I jumped at the opportunity to go to the filmed event also, and I felt super lucky to be chosen.

From the very beginning, the stable hands who welcomed us for check-in were all super friendly, explained every step of the process, and were very gentle. They also reassured us that all we had to do was raise a hand and they'd be there for us for any reason. The helpfulness of every stable hand calmed my nerves and helped make it a painless process.

I was one of the last ones in the play area after stripping down to just a jockstrap, socks, and shoes, so I ended up in the back corner, but there were still people all around me. I also wore a pup hood (allowed by the rules) under my red mare hood, which I felt would be fun, and for me, it also gave me a sense of normalcy and comfort, with a second hood hiding even more of my face from the stallions.

When the moment came, the stable hands started putting the hoods on us, while everyone got into position, leaning over various benches of different sizes and shapes, as well as large beds with multiple people.

The stallions entered. Immediately, there were noises of pleasure coming from the entrance of t he play space, and I nervously awaited one of them to wander over to my corner.

My first mount was a lot bigger than I expected right away, and after asking him to pause for a second, I felt my hole stretch open wide, making it much easier for every stallion after. That first mount was the most intense of the night, and the most disorienting - the feelings of being stretched open and fucked by an anonymous stranger, never knowing when he'd stop or if he'd climax. It was an overwhelming experience, but I was able to adjust well and I enjoyed myself from there on out.

After he left I got regularly used, with pauses between each mounting. I noticed that the stallions seemed to move on pretty quickly from me. Sometimes there would be 3 minutes of humping, and sometimes just a few deep poundings. It was hard to tell which was more intense: being used for a while, or being mounted a couple times, just enough to get into it, and then be left wanting more, my ass still hanging out "wantingly".

It really felt like all the stallions were trying out every mare, seeing which one was the "best fit" for each man's desires. I counted about 15 mountings, which was admittedly hard to keep track of, since so many other amazing things were happening all around me. Although I was bred only once (as far as I could tell, anyway), it felt so naughty to be mounted many more times after that.

I enticed the stallions as best as I could, but I had no idea what to do other than wiggle my ass as much as possible. In between mounts I focused on the moans and noises around me, and it was so sexy that it encouraged me to make my own noises without worry.

The stable hands moved me a couple of times, and it was actually pretty exciting not knowing where in the room I ended up. It really added to the suspense: was this spot going to be a good one, was that spot less popular? I stayed until the end, when a stable hand told me there were only two stallions left and they didn't seem like they were going to move on to anyone else.

It was amazing how much play I got. I was buzzing so high on endorphins and raw lust. I had no idea what to expect coming in, but it was a dream come true. I was very proud that I went and really put myself out there. I was especially glad I let myself be filmed and photographed, because I am excited about the opportunity to see myself in such a vulnerable position. Every aspect of HM was a lot less scary and a lot more rewarding than I could have expected.** ** ** ** **After the filmed event in the afternoon, I was more than ready to go again, but my eagerness got the best of me and I arrived early yet again. I felt more comfortable getting naked right away, since the lack of cameras had me far less self-conscious of myself while preparing. I made sure to get myself extra lubed this time, since I had learned that some stallions don't waste any time going full-hilt right away.

Making my way back into the play space I had seen just hours before, I noticed the environment was now completely different. I was by far the smallest person there by body type; although an extremely lean person, I was surprised to see that almost everyone else had muscles, and seemed to at least frequent the gym every once in a while. I admit this made me feel a bit more nervous, as I also noticed that many people seemed to already have some acquaintance with one another.

Being new to sex events like these, it did make sense to be an outsider, but I wasn't expecting to look so different from the other mares. I had a feeling it would mean one of two things: I would either be very popular or very ignored. Luckily, it was somewhere in the middle.

I was extremely antsy to get hooded, and the time before the stallions entered seemed to drag on. The nervousness had seemed to fade to renewed eagerness. For this party, I tried to claim a spot closer to the door, and even one of the stable hands adjusted me slightly to make sure I was presenting my mare hole at just the right angle.

This time, I was very happy I had ample stretching time beforehand, because just like the afternoon event, the first stallion who mounted me was probably the biggest of the night, and he slid in completely right away. He made some hot noises and grunts that I could hear over my own moans. After he slid out, he rubbed my hood affectionately and called me a very good boy. I wonder if he could see how much I grinned.

The familiar pattern resumed of getting mounted for a minute or two, and then periods of waiting. I caught myself almost whining when some of the more aggressive tops stopped and pulled out right away, but I would be quickly reminded that there was always more to come.

At one point I had a turn sitting in the sling in the corner, which was very exciting, but sadly the mesh sling wasn't comfortable for me, and after a short time of riding dick, I asked to be moved.

I lost count of the number of times I got mounted, but I'd have to guess it was somewhere between 25-30 times, and of course, I had no idea how many of those were repeat visitors. I am fairly certain, though, that the only stallion who came in me was mount number 15 of the night, which is also my lucky number!

The longest I had to wait between mountings was probably 15-20 minutes, but not knowing what was going to happen kept me on edge enough to never let it get boring. My senses were all very focused on what was happening everywhere around me.

I had a feeling that most stallions were saving their final load for the end of the night, so I did my best to last as long as possible. But after being there for four hours, I had to call it quits, especially after going to the filmed event earlier that day. The stable hands were all very gentle about helping me out of the room, and only then was I able to remove my hood, keeping the fantasy intact. Although I could have stayed longer, I felt like I left at the perfect time for me. If I have the opportunity and stamina to go again and stay longer, I will, but I felt like I got more than I expected this first time.

HM Stable Hand: The Best Job Ever

By  ButchSF (San Francisco, July 2021)

This particular story is from a special *filmed* Horse Market. All regular Horse Markets are 100% private. No pictures or videos are taken. Enjoy his story 

Wow, what a memorable Horse Market!

As a stable hand, we arrived and most of us stripped down to a jock, donned the official stable hand tank top, and waited for our assignments. Along with one other, I was chosen to write the numbers in three places on the mares and later the stallions, so the numbers would be visible for the filming - the best job ever as there were some very good looking "horses," of every type, color, and endowment, including several hot trans men (both stallions and mares)! Everyone was in a very good mood with lots of camaraderie and support going on, even though the mares must have been feeling anxious.

After all the mares had been stripped, numbered, and hooded, they were led to the floor and put in position waiting for the stallions. Unlike other Horse Market events, this one was well lit (for all the cameras) and I only heard good comments about that. I went upstairs and began marking numbers on some very horny stallions who were anxious to get to the mares. Almost as soon as the stallions started going downstairs the sound of happy moans and groans filtered upstairs - stallions who arrived on time had a room full of naked, hooded mares just waiting for them! It took quite a while for all the stallions to arrive and strip down and get numbered, but the sounds from downstairs kept growing. Stallions, get there on time and you won't regret it at all…The intensity was so strong that the photographers were hardly noticed and actually helped make the Horse Market feel like a giant porn set! Stallions were there to show their stuff and stamina, and they seemed to enjoy showing that to the cameras. As the event continued, we stable hands were ever-present to see any raised mare hands (who might need a break, water, etc.) or others who might not have a good position, and offering to move them to a better spot as they became available. The large, low table in the middle seemed to get lots of the mares used at the same time with stallions milling about - mostly rock hard - waiting their turn or checking out the surrounding tables and fuck benches. The slings were in continuous use; it would have been nice to have a couple more! There was one stallion-and-mare combo who fucked so vigorously and verbally that they got watched, filmed, and photographed a lot.

The event went on without much let up for hours. (It's going to take some time to edit all the footage, but what a good job for those editors to have!) Slowly the stallions and mares began leaving except for a dozen or so diehards. I had the "sad duty" of informing one very used mare that there were no stallions left, and he begrudgingly let me lead him to the mare's changing room. Kind of like telling a child that it's time to leave Disneyland…Stable hands then began cleaning all the equipment and furniture. It didn't take long, as all of us helped willingly. Would I volunteer to be a stable hand again? Absolutely! Even though I didn't partake in the action, it gave me a chance to view the Horse Market first hand and decide how I wanted to attend the next event - stallion perhaps, or mare? Maybe I'll be a very happy stable hand again.

My Second Career
By Eric (Los Angeles, November 2021)

Playing by the rules, I had a wonderful career as a military officer before retiring. I led my troops by being an example to all and never asked anything of them that I wouldn’t do myself. They all respected me because they felt they were respected in return. We accomplished many great things together. But that time has passed. After over 30 years of service without scandals or accusations of any kind, I decided to live my life to the fullest.

I experienced the Horse Market once before as a mare and was satisfied but not overwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong: my first time was superb, but three famous bottom porn actors were there that night and the stallions seemed to only have eyes for them. We were told when we registered that there were no guarantees any mare would be mounted, so I stayed patient and waited my turn. After ten minutes of hearing my fellow mares moan like there was no tomorrow, my turn finally came and I was mounted by a stallion. Oh man, it was wonderful to wear that red hood and let the stallions have their way with me! At that first HM I was mounted about 15 times and took four loads. Like I said, that was superb to me, but the next day I kept hearing stories of lines of stallions and certain mares like those porn actors being mounted nonstop the entire party. I tried not to get too jealous and I went to HM fully aware there were no guarantees. I still think I did great anyhow.

With the first HM LA happening in November 2021, I decided to enter the mare lottery and give it a second try. Lucky enough, my name was drawn, and I’m so glad I went again.

Being already a veteran to this great event, I showed up to the venue not too early. I checked in, got undressed, walked into the stable and looked around. Mingling with the other mares, I suddenly noticed one of my favorite porn actors, a man responsible for my sexual liberation and my learning on how to be a good bottom. He is a good cumdump and lives his fantasies to the fullest, never regretting anything. That night in LA I was going to fully live my own fantasy, and though I wouldn’t see him, I knew him as my brother in arms.

When the party got underway and the stallions were let in, it was much less than ten minutes before I got mounted this time. I’m so glad the first cock I took that night was the perfect size to loosen me up: his girth and length were perfect. He had his turn with me for a couple minutes then pulled out. It was a nonstop fuckfest from then on, and it seemed to me at least that my fantasy porn star didn’t come alone to HM; judging from the size of some of the stallion cocks that fucked my mare hole, at least three of his friends came along!

The first stallion was immediately replaced by this huge cock that I first thought was actually a dildo, but I knew from experience that it was the real thing: huge yet soft at the same time. He didn’t hesitate in mounting me all the way until I could feel his wonderful balls slapping against my ass. (Low hanging balls are so great!)

From that moment I lost all sense of time and I surrendered to my fantasy. I was totally in the zone. In the back of my mind I recalled that my favorite porn star had started his evening in the sling behind me, while I was on a fuckbed in the middle of the space, ass up and exposed for the stallions to sample. Realizing that I was on a corner of the fuckbed, I positioned myself at a 45-degree angle to guarantee that both my mouth and hole could be used at the same time. Sure enough, those stallions got the picture and obliged me. I was cleaning off cock after cock after they had fucked my fellow mares, and my mare hole was mounted again and again. I had never done anything like this before but it came naturally, and I kept imagining the cocks sliding into my two holes were all coming directly from the hole of my favorite porn actor.

I had a blast, to say the least. To be honest, I felt like I was mounted between 20-30 times, each stallion ranging from just a few strokes to full climax. One of them fucked me so hard for so long that I almost asked him to stop, but I just couldn’t: after all, this was the reason I was at HM. I’m so glad I didn’t ask him to pull out. It took a long while but I got my reward and took his load. Before he pulled out, I flexed my ass muscles to milk out every drop I could get from this stallion, and he kept spasming more cum with each squeeze. I was in cumdump heaven.

The night ended for me when I sensed that it was dying down, and the mountings were starting to be more irregular. As the gaps grew longer I was fading out of that wonderful zone I was in. As for my favorite porn star mare, I never did introduce myself since I didn’t want to bug him with the usual fan adulations. But we’re HM brothers now; if I ever see him in the future it’ll be a different story.

* * *

How did I go from being a respectable Army officer to a red-hooded mare at the Horse Market? PrEP helped, of course, but the truth is that I have no idea. All I know is that now I’ve re-enlisted, and I want to be as dedicated and disciplined about being a red-hooded mare and cumdump as I was in my first career in the military. I’m not afraid of a second basic training; in fact, I think I already graduated again after that Thanksgiving weekend in LA.

Thank you Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, and stable hands. They really took care of all us mares. Most of all, a very special thanks to all those stallions that mounted us! I heard the moans in every direction, one of which was my own. I’ll be entering as many HM mare lotteries as I can. I am addicted now and not about to retire from my second career.

An Interview with Stallions
By Stallions 225, 258, Cal, and Call_Me_Sir (San Francisco, April 2022)

Disclaimer: Consult a doctor regarding any medical interventions described in this story, which Horse Market does not necessarily endorse.

What drew you to the Horse Market?

Call_Me_Sir: Years ago, I stumbled across a mention of the Fickstutenmarkt (“horse fair market”) in Berlin. When I read about that event on their website, my mind and cock went into overdrive. I had never before imagined the scene described. It sounded so raunchy and forbidden – definitely something that mainstream American society would not approve of. When I told a friend of mine about what I had read, I feigned a mild interest, despite the raging hardon I had which was accompanied by pure exhilaration, lust, and a definite desire to be a part of it. That fire of interest was stoked last year when a friend informed me that there was a Horse Market in the U.S. I wanted to fulfill the fantasy of walking into a room with several dozens of hungry holes waiting and ready to be used and bred without question, with obedience, and with few limits. As a dominant top, this is a dream come true. So what drew me to HM? Ass! I am a butt and thigh man, and HM provides a stallion with an all-you-can-fuck smorgasbord of asses that want to be fucked, that need to be stretched out, and that will moan and beg for more while they are getting it!

258: For me, despite growing up in liberal California with a pretty open-minded and young mother, I still carry huge amounts of fear, stigma, and shame about my sexuality. Not just that I am mostly gay, but that I love to fuck. That I need to breed. That I’d rather spend hours in a hole than to go to a club. So I have compartmentalized those aspects of myself. When I first heard of HM on one of my late-night fantasy cruising sessions on my phone (searching for the kinky sex that turned me on), my dick became rock hard instantly. I was harder than I had been in a long time. I knew I had to make attending this event and experience a primary goal of mine for the next few years. I think it was the absolute, no BS, primal fucking that we have all been on a search for all our lives.

Cal: I definitely agree, I enjoy the primal nature of the event. Masculine men mulling around naked, doing what nature created us for: to fuck without reservation. Not just fucking, but unleashing. Dropping all our inhibitions. Making mares moan, suck, and open up for the deepest penetration. Making them shudder like bitches as they’re fucked over and over again. Having that power over the sub. And the Horse Market facilitates that. Stallion and mare. Alpha and beta. Man and whore. The ultimate debauchery. The fantasy fulfilled, anonymously.

225: There is something that HM offers that you just can’t get from other sex parties. The fantasy of the stallions being in total control and the mares submitting to our desires is something I think draws a lot of people in. The anonymity for both stallion and mare and that everyone at these events is horny and knows that they are getting into. With traditional bath house or sex parties you may end up not getting what you’re looking for, whereas with HM, I think you remove a lot of those barriers to getting down to business and fucking.

How did you physically and mentally prepare to be a stallion?

225: I confess that I significantly underestimated the amount of mental preparation required for the event. While I’ve been to sex parties and bath houses before, this was not an event for the faint of heart. Besides being a bit overwhelmed by the number of mares awaiting me, my stamina was my enemy that evening and after 3+ hours of fucking I was totally exhausted and having trouble staying hard, which can really put you in a weird mental headspace by feeling like you’re not able to perform. Lesson learned: a Cialis will go a long way the next time. Physically, I also made the decision early in the night that I was going to save up my load until the very end for one lucky mare. I am generally not a multi-cummer, so I knew it was for the best to hold out for as long as possible.

258: Definitely! I tried to think of this as an endurance sport event and prepared similarly with lots of hydration both the day before and the day of, and a good meal with complex carbs. I then watched my favorite sluts on Twitter for a day or two before edging myself and gearing up my cock. I took a Cialis the day of so that I would have the extra stamina support to last for hours and multiple loads.

Call_Me_Sir: I am always on the lookout for an obedient sub to serve me. So, I was already mentally prepared to have my way with willing and hungry bottoms. That being said, I did reflect on the encouragement of my fellow stallions in the HM chatrooms on Telegram to “sample” as many mares as possible, being sure to mount more than just the youngest and most physically fit mares. I also chose to save up my loads for a few special mares. So, I did not cum for a week or two prior to the event.

When the doors opened, what was your initial reaction to seeing all the mares ready to service you?

258: I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I’ve been to many sex parties, sex clubs, and bathhouses over the years, but I had never had a situation where I had 20 or more submissive bottoms just waiting for me and my top friends to plow. It was amazing and everything I was looking forward to. All that hydration got to me though so I had to pee first so I quickly stopped at the restroom and then got into the stable. Unfortunately that meant I got the last pick for my first mare to mount, but that worked out for me as I then embraced the mentality that I was going to sample as many of the mares as I could so I just took the first open one.

Cal: The stallions were herded from the waiting room to the stable. If the former smelled like Alpha testosterone, the latter smelled like sex. The mares were ready to be mounted. Asses exposed. In position. I found my first mare. Desperate. My focus was on him. His cocksucking skills were excellent. His ass was tight and already lubed. Then, I heard the moans. The moans of men having sex. Amazing.

225: I was totally overwhelmed by all of the naked mares as I had no clue what to expect. I actually wasn’t sure where to even begin, so I took my time doing a couple laps around the market to see what my options were. Immediately there was sex happening all around me and I slowly looked for a mare to mount. As much as it is a fantasy to fuck someone who has no control over it, it’s also incredibly hot to watch the other stallions having their way with the mares. As the night goes on, you also feel a sense of camaraderie with the other stallions, you start to cheer each other on and watch as all of the mares get mounted. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend attending the event as a mare, so for me, the excitement of being able to tell someone, “That’s my boyfriend you’re fucking,” or “Give him a load” was incredibly hot.

Call_Me_Sir: My initial reaction was an enticing combination of raw lust, hunger, anticipation, and excitement at the prospect of using those thirsty little subs in any way that I saw fit (within the rules, of course). I scanned the room, seeing multiple holes that I wanted to – and knew that I would – fuck and dominate. After all, I knew that each quivering hole was on display for my benefit. Each hole, displayed through spread ass cheeks, lifted legs, and arched backs, was mine for the taking. I remembered my plan to sample as many holes as possible and sauntered around before finding a particularly luscious ass to puncture with the fat head that adorns my cock.

Which mare did you fuck first and how did you enjoy it? What sorts of mares did you gravitate toward during HM?

Cal: For me, I’m attracted to service-oriented types with generally smaller frames. The first mare I claimed was a beautiful mare in his early 30s, lean and smooth. My hands rubbed over his back as he waited to be mounted ass-up on the main fuck table, resting at the corner. Beautiful. “There’s my boy. Suck my cock.” I guided his mouth to me and fingered his wet cunt. I held his head so he worked his mouth down to my pubes, and my cock began to grow down his throat. I loved that. Soon, he was a moaning, slobbering mess as I fucked his throat. “Such a lucky boy.” He nodded. I positioned my mare so his cunt was at the corner of the fuck table. I was his first cock of the night and I’m not for beginners. He wiggled his ass on my phallus. Eventually he opened, I sunk deep into him, and soon I was fucking him like a champ. I fingered his mouth and he curled into me to kiss my hairy chest. The sounds of mares being fucked filled the room. That mare became very popular.

258: My first mare was beautiful, submissive, willing, and one of the few left without someone mounting him, so I took him. I was already hard from the excitement (and the Cialis!). I didn’t even say anything to him. I just mounted and he let me, and he was moaning right away that it was what he was waiting for all week. That made me even harder and I started to fuck harder. I found myself wanting to sample all the mares. The small framed ones and the big bears. For me, a thin, average-looking guy that most don’t think of as a top, my favorite thing of all was that I got the chance to mount bottoms I knew wouldn’t give me the time of day outside this event: big, muscular bottoms that take some creativity for me to plow, or the young bucks with six-pack abs. They loved my cock. And they were submissive and willing. The hoods take away all the pretense in outside life. Guys are there to fuck and what matters is what should matter in the end: my cock and my skills, your hole and your skills. It was hot.

Call_Me_Sir: With my new “sample-every-mare” attitude, I was not in a rush to mount the first visually attractive mare I saw. So I surveyed the lot of them and moved toward a larger-framed mare, whose ass was open and waiting to serve. I approached him and fingered his prelubed hole. I noted the anticipatory quiver and knew that he was ready to be used at my discretion. And that is exactly what happened. I fucked him with long deep strokes, reveling in the carnal pleasure derived from using his tight little hole and receiving his (virtually) unconditional abdication of power and control. I opened myself to using all sorts of different holes that night. I gravitated toward the mares who demonstrated their servitude through whimpers, grunts, moans, and increasingly loud vocals such as, “Oh yes, use that hole,” “Oh thank you! Yes, thank you,” “Fuck yeah, fill my hole,” and “That hole is yours. Use it!”

Overall, were you satisfied with your experience? Any criticisms or suggestions? Be honest!

Call_Me_Sir: HM is such a unique experience – one that I have fantasized about for years! And, it met the mark! In many ways it is a dom top’s dream setting. Both times I stayed late, and the last time I closed out the party! I am curious about what enhancement there might be if I take my fellow stallions’ advice and take a Cialis. I will surely be a stallion at another HM. That being said, I would never want this to be my exclusive experience as a top. I only say that because I missed being able to look my sub bottom in the eyes, to see them widen when I reached his second hole. I missed being able to see the resolute look of a sub who is determined to please me by pushing his limits and asking for more than he has ever taken before. Perhaps that is why I gravitated toward the verbal bottoms – they could tell me with their words what I could not see in their eyes.

225: Absolutely satisfied with my first experience. This is such a special event that I will remember for a long time and is unlike any sex event I’ve ever attended. It was my first but I hope it won’t be my last. An idea I had too (but perhaps not possible logistically): bring in a second group of stallions halfway through the event for all the hungry mares that could still go for hours, once the first round of tops have exhausted themselves.

What advice would you give to future first-time stallions?

258: Prepare like a sports event. Take a Cialis. Hydrate. Fuck every mare. Try them all. Don’t be ashamed of being a man and wanting this.

225: Enjoy it until the very end. Sample as many mares as possible and hold onto the memories. I have never had such a fun time at a sex party before, and HM has something truly special going. And a little Viagra or Cialis will take you a long way!

Call_Me_Sir: I would advise future first-time stallions to read the messages in the HM mare chatroom [on Telegram]! It was really hot to read how truly hungry these guys were to be a mare, to be a bitch, to be a subservient bottom, to serve any and all stallions. My next piece of advice is to take your time and sample as many mares as you can! I did not do this during my first HM but I did during my second HM. This approach has made me more open to different types of bottoms! I recently went to a non-HM sex event in which there were a lot of bottoms presenting themselves “in the mare position.” Because of HM I sampled more of the bottoms and had a great time. Had I responded only to my initial impressions, I would have missed some amazing fuckholes!

Cal: It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Be nice. Understand that you are making the mare moan like a whore, and appreciate the experience of being a man and fucking just as nature designed.

Stuffed by Stallions
By Tommi Breedlove (San Francisco, September 2021)

I’ve been to a few Horse Markets, always as a red-hooded Mare – no condoms used with me. All raw fucking and breeding. I was barely touched at the first HM I attended. The second time in the stable, I was passed around four or five Stallions, fucked and bred for a bit, and then it felt like I was “put back on the shelf.”

This time was completely different. I was used as a bareback Mare is supposed to be used. Strong hands positioning me, tongues rimming my hole. Being fed lots of cock under my hood, fucking my throat, making me gag; it was really hot! And lots of hands and fingers on and inside my ass, along with hard cocks. I was fucked steadily right from the get-go. The Stallions plowed me hard, and I had to hold on tight to keep from being throttled right off the fuck table! I only weigh 135 pounds, and these were big, strong Stallions: they went full-tilt hardcore raw dogging the party whore. It was awesome being this naked little Mare, encouraging these Stallions to fuck me harder, deeper, more, and they sure did a great job at that, too. They fucked the bejeezus out of me. Around then I realized that I had suddenly become the focus of a hot and nasty bareback gangbang, which got me grinning.

When they started fucking me, the first Stallion grabbed my waist, spat on my hole, stuffed his big, thick cock inside, and he no-nonsense-fucked me hard and deep. It was fantastic. Then, without warning, he just yanked his dick out of me and another cock immediately took his place, also plunging deep into me. He fucked my juicy, piggy cum hole for quite some time, then grunted loudly, yanked my ponytail, and squirted his big load of cum inside me.

He then pulled out and was immediately replaced by a third, much larger cock. He fucked me deep and slow with that long, thick dick, making my body quiver with delight as he pulled it almost all the way out, and then back to the hilt, over and over. I loved it, and I was moaning and begging for more… when suddenly, he’s burying his big cock way deep inside me – I swear I could feel the tip of his dick poking my stomach – and he gripped my hips hard as he used me like a sex toy, yanking my whole naked body up and down on his big cock. I must say that I loved every second of it. Then he bellowed, “Oh fuck yeah,” groaned and shook while firmly holding my hips, his cock throbbing deep in my ass. He keeps me tight against his belly, and he pumps his big load as deep as he can inside me. His cock pulled out, and I felt a pretty big dollop of cum squirt out in its wake.

Right away, there’s another Stallion, and he mounted me, his big cock banging my hole pretty hard, almost brutally. My hole was really sloppy with cum now, so as he’s fucking me, with his big balls slapping my taint, I can feel (and even caught a very short glimpse from under my red hood) that my well-bred hole was really full of semen, splashing out all over. Really hot! He eventually stopped after 10-15 minutes, and another Stallion took his place. He slid his cock into me, as well as a couple fingers. He latched on to the sphincter and pulled my hole open while he pumped his dick in and out of me. He fucked me faster and harder, building up speed and pounding my ass. Then, he stiffened, grunted and strained to keep his dick deep in me. He latched onto my hips and howled hoarsely as he coated my insides with a huge amount of cum. I was in total bliss now, deep in the primal wilderness of gay sex, just getting fucked so damn good. He slid his cock out of me, and I felt a small river of sperm cascade down my balls and legs.

This is about the point where I lost track of tops and time. The Stallion who came in me was replaced quickly by another, then another, and another. There were a few stragglers later after that. Suddenly, before I knew it, the HM was over. I got up off the fuck table which was sprayed liberally with cum, and pushed what felt like a half gallon of semen out of my Mare hole. I made my way dreamily to the staging area, got my clothes and a cool drink of water, and sat down, naked and happy. After thinking for a while, I came to the conclusion that perhaps a dozen or so Stallions had fucked me, and six or seven of them had inseminated me with great vigor.

I got dressed, and as I walked to my car, I could feel a warm slurry of their mixed semen trickling down my left thigh. I can’t wait until the next Horse Market: exactly my kind of playground!

A Perfect Night at the Horse Market
By Mare 284 (San Francisco, January 2022)

This was my first Horse Market and I was somewhat nervous when I arrived at the venue, but as we were all waiting for check-in to start, the other mares made me feel more comfortable as they were telling stories from their previous parties.

After check-in, I got undressed and entered the play space; my eyes started exploring around and my imagination started to show me what would happen in each corner and every spot. I chose a location on the shared center fuck table and got on all 4’s waiting for the stallions to enter, waiting for the first stallion to mount me. My heart picked up its pace as I heard the stallions walking into the party, and was pounding as I started feeling different hands touching my ass. A distant mare started to groan, but before I could think about that, a stallion fondled my ass then started sliding his dick inside me. It was so hot to also hear my brother mares moaning, and I held hands with the mare next to me while we were both getting fucked hard. Stallion after stallion took turns fucking my ass. It all felt really good!

I was later moved to the sling. The stallions found me there and kept mounting me. At one point I was surrounded by multiple stallions: one fucking me, one sucking my dick, and one feeling me up. It was so fucking hot! After a lot of hard fucking and many loads – I tried my best to keep count but eventually gave up after 11 mounts and 5 loads – my mare hole felt like it needed a quick break, and I also needed to process all that was happening to me. While being led to the mare break room, I heard someone say that there was still a line at the sling. I felt bad and wished I could go back, but it was too late… oh well. I took my break then asked a stable hand to lead me back to a fuck bench. I stood over it and placed my hands down on the bench. All too quickly, here came the stallions once more to mount me and load up my ass. As I got fucked, one stallion asked me to suck his dick and I gladly did. The sensation of two amazing, hard dicks at either end of me, one in my hole and the other in my mouth, was so great. From all the hard fucking, the fuck bench shifted around on the floor and made a lot of noise.

After that, I asked to be moved back to the center fuck table. Stallions mounted me; one of them then put me on my stomach and kept pounding my mare hole until he shot his load inside me. I stayed on my stomach as stallions kept coming one by one to fuck my ass. When it started to sound quieter, I decided to take another break and thought about leaving. But I felt I needed to go back and make sure any remaining stallions were pleasured and to take their loads. So I went back to the stable one last time, and I’m glad I did. I was placed again on the center fuck table next to another mare. Two stallions walked up and mounted both of us. The other mare and I held hands and made out, caressing each other’s body as the stallions took turns fucking us till they both shot their loads. The perfect ending to a perfect night!

Though the whole experience was thrilling, two moments stood out as personal highlights. One stallion at the beginning of the party said I was his favorite mare so far; when he mounted me again later on, he told me I was still his favorite. It was amazing to feel so wanted. Another notable moment came when a stallion finished mounting me and whispered in my ear that he would come find me and fuck me again. Despite being moved around throughout the night, that stallion indeed found my ass, then as he slid his cock into me again, leaned down and simply said, “I told you I’d find you!”

I loved the whole experience of the Horse Market. Hearing the sounds and whimpers and moans of the other mares getting mounted. Feeling different stallions’ hands on my ass as the clue that I was about to feel their dicks inside me. Being able to touch some of their bodies as they fucked me. Knowing that some of them chose to come back to mount me again and again. And last but certainly not least, the feeling of each and every hard dick and every load of cum inside me.

I jerked off that night before bed, then jerked off again in the middle of the night, then once more in the morning just thinking about what happened. As I write this, two days have passed since my time in the stable and I still can't stop thinking about it!

Thanks to the Stable Master, Stable Wrangler, and stable hands who worked in this event and made it happen. Thanks to all my fellow mares; you all were sexy and very nice. Thanks to every stallion who fucked me, especially the ones who gave me their loads that I kept inside me as long as I could.

I can't wait till next time!

Gratitude for Cock
By Mare 106 (San Francisco, April 2022)

I got to the venue, maybe a bit too early: right before 5 PM as things were still being set up. I met another Mare who described his global pursuits of Cock. I was intimidated. He was younger, fit, and had a firm bubble butt. This one took Cock professionally.

Slowly, other Mares arrived. The mix was beautiful. Fit Men. Cubs. “Straight-looking” guys who you’d never think were insatiable Cock lovers. Emo types. Twink types. Nearly every age was represented.

After only a few minutes we were checked in. There was an odd, casual nature to the whole beginning. “Just undress and toss your clothes in a bag, grab your hood…” I undressed, I tossed, I grabbed, and I found myself the first to enter the play space. If anyone has gone to a gay sex club, the feeling was familiar. Dark. Colored red and blue lights, a large center fuck bed, benches of various shapes and sizes, intermingled with slings.

I chose a bench in the middle but up against the wall. A sling is pretty intimidating before I’m fully opened and I wanted to start the night in a doggy style position. I also carry a little extra ‘round the belly that most would find average, but among some of the more fit and jock type mares around me, I felt a bit shy. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as popular. Maybe I’m a little too old for this. I’m 40. Then two older handsome gentlemen sat near me. They too looked like they knew how to get fucked. I wasn’t too old. There was no rule about who deserves Cock. We were all there with our own pride and insecurities.

More Mares continued to fill the space, everyone finding a place to start. There was a friendly but nervous tinge to the air. What exactly would this be like?

The clock inched towards 6 PM. The Stable Master gave a speech and it was time. The stable hands one by one began to hood each of us. I got into place on all fours.

My hole now completely exposed. As were all the others. A sea of holes all aching for it. I wore a gray Breedwell jock, white shoes, a chastity cage I’d kept on for a week, and a poppers necklace.

And then I waited.

There was murmuring among the stable hands then more voices growing louder. And closer. The Stallions had entered.

Before long, I found myself being rimmed. What a gift. This allowed me an opportunity to relax. To open up. To clear my mind of the day, the nervousness: could I endure?

The fucking began.

The first thing I noticed was the rise in moaning. The room had previously been filled with light chatter, the usual sex club music, and some laughter. But things shifted after the Stallions arrived. The sounds of pleasure rose.

And continued. And more. And more. The entire space filling with noises of fucking.

The first Stallions that mounted me were not the beasts that came later, though the first test of the night was when a Stallion asked if he could use his PA. “It’s pretty big,” he offered. I could only answer, “Yes, please.” It took a moment – maybe he was putting it on, maybe he was just gazing down at his prey – then he entered me. Wow, my hole was ready. And hungry. I wanted that Cock; I needed that Cock; my hole swallowed that Cock.

I continued to get fucked by a series of Cocks, with breaks of perhaps only 5 minutes or so in between. Each Stallion tasting. Feeling. Going in, playing a bit, then moving on.

It was so erotic. Feeling vulnerable and submissive. Surrendering to the experience.

But after a while, my lower back didn’t like the position, so I raised my hand and asked if I could be moved to a sling. I was ready to go deeper.

The Cocks came at a consistent rate and every one of them was an experience. Some were hard as a rock. Fucking me deep, pushing me to my limit. Others were gentle but firm. I was filled with gratitude and continued to say throughout the night, “thank you.” I also said “fuuuuuck” a lot, in a low primal way. I moaned “yeeeeahhh” in a deep, please-never-stop, kind of way.

And after being in this position for 20 minutes or 2 hours – who knows? time has no meaning here – I raised my hand and asked to move again. I was led to the center fuck bed, a huge, ultra soft mattress with slick black sex sheets. Here I was back in a doggy position but now among other Mares. There seemed to be three of them around me, all moaning in different ways. Different types of pleasure being given and received.

At one point as I was being mounted, someone whispered, “This is a big one…” It was. Later, another big Cock entered me, and this one – wow, they hit the spot! Their thrusts made me leak an orgasm through my chastity cage. It was purest pleasure at its height.

The bed began to settle down and I wanted to return to a sling. At this point in the night, every time a Stallion entered or pulled out, I would convulse with pleasure, micro-orgasms that left me needing Cock. NEEEEEEEDING it.

I took strategic hits of poppers at times, sending me into an astral plane of ecstasy. One particular hit in the sling released a huge cum load that dripped out of me. Later, I was moved from one uncomfortable sling into a better one with stirrups.

Okay. Now we’re gonna go deeper.

Here I took some really huge Cock. One fucked like a porn star while another stood behind me. And I swear – I had to jerk this massive Meat with two hands. I couldn’t believe it.

I sucked really fat Cock in the slings which just sent me though another portal of unending pleasure. Then a Cock would pull out, I would spasm with pleasure. Time. Cock. Fucking. Sucking. Jerking. Holding. All of it was a blur.

Things slowed down tremendously after that. I laid there in wait. Grateful for the break but not wanting to show I was done. I fingered my hole. Licked cum from my finger and rolled my hips in hunger for more. Fuck, I was greedy.

And then came my final act of worship. A sweaty Stallion walked up to mount me, dripping over my body with each thrust. A true porn star also fucked me: “You’re in my sling,” he stated as he gave his name and that of the infamous studio that had fueled so many of my fantasies. Then, as the sweaty Stallion mounted me for a second load, the Stable Wrangler announced this was the last load of the night – applause!

I laid there, unable to believe the experience. An untold number of Stallions had bred me. Some only used my hole as preparation for another Mare. And every one of them I thanked multiple times as they all offered me that which I most desire: Cock.

Finally released from the sling, I was allowed to remove my hood as the event was over. The stable hands all kindly guided me back to my clothes bag and on to the exit. I was a bit disoriented, overwhelmed, and satiated. In an hour my hole would remind me of what happened, but for now, I was leaving paradise. A long held fantasy realized.

I looked at my phone when I dressed and it had just hit 10 PM. Nearly four straight hours of service. Just amazing. Fucking amazing.

Thank you to all involved, especially the stable hands. What amazing men.

And damn, maybe I do love Cock more than anything else. Three days later I had a long, stressful day of work and egos and paperwork. It’s wild to think what I was doing not 72 hours prior.

Like a prayer, I can only say: THANK YOU TO COCK.