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Hey everyone! 

Time for an April Newsletter

  1. Ticket info on June and July (Dore alley) events!
  2. CLAW weekend recap
  3. Chicago/IML event?
  4. Small update to a future Fort Lauderdale event.
  5. Upcoming events

1. Ticket info on June and July (Dore alley) events!


June: We have two events for you in Las Vegas: June 7th and June 8th. We're returning to our Las Vegas home, KUMA Club. For new people, our Las Vegas events are our Club Edition events. If you come across an event labeled Club Edition, know that it's smaller and more intimate than our regular events. Despite its smaller size, it is just as hot as a regular event! Plenty of cock and hole to go around. Tickets will go on sale on Sunday 28th of April at 4pm pst.

July: We're gearing up for events in Portland and the BIG Dore Alley Weekend Events.

July 14th, we'll be back in Portland. Tickets for this event aren't available yet as we're considering a special Horse Market *filmed* event, but we'll keep you updated on any developments.

Then, we have THREE  events in San Francisco on July 26th, 27th & 28th for the Dore Alley Weekend. 

  • First, A normal Horse Market will take place on Friday.
  • Second, our Stable Wrangler has his Prison-themed InterroGAYtion event on Saturday. (details below)
  • Lastly, We have our returning Horse Market Unbridled Event. (details below)

We've adjusted the entrance time of all 3 events to 5pm for those interested in attending our events but may want to go to other events after. Come visit us and then go check out the other events that are happening.


InterroGAYtion: Do you feel like being a sexy Guard (top) or a horny Inmate (bottom)? You can hang out in the general population cell block and get fucked or be punished and sent over to the kinky Cell Block by the Warden on or Judge on duty for some extra kinky fun. Come check out his new hot event! You can even get a discount combo ticket to both InterroGAYtion and Horse Market as a Top. Save some money and check out both events!

UNBRIDLED: Say goodbye to the lottery and choosing top or bottom. Here, you're in control.

You're welcome to simply arrive and fuck wherever and with whomever (Consent is sexy) or, alternatively, try the traditional Horse Market experience in our exclusive mini Horse Market area. 

Anyone can put on a blindfold and go in as a Mare. Time will be somewhat limited in the room as we want to ensure everyone has a chance to be a Mare. You can go back in if you like.

We have a pretty big space and we have A LOT of furniture so we hope to see you! Tickets go on sale Sunday 28th of April at 4pm pst.

2. CLAW weekend recap

With two events over the CLAW weekend, we had a fucking great time!

We had ordered some frames and mattresses 10 days in advance and they didn't show up until 2 days after the event!

But, as always we made it work and incorporated unusual furniture into the stable. Also, a quick thank you to all of our attendees who pulled through and loaned us so much furniture for the event. One guest even built 3 wonderful fuck benches that he drove 4 hours to loan us! In addition to the delivery fiasco, this year we were moved to a new location almost at the last minute.  We had already sold tickets at that point but we adapted and it worked out pretty well in the end.

We also want to give a BIG shoutout to the CLAW team who was there for us ANYTIME we needed ANYTHING. Between the constant checking in with us and getting us whatever we needed, they were on top of it this year. We are looking forward to coming back next year. Lets end this section on the Best in Show Winners for the event!

HM CLAW Friday Stallion #137 & Mare #281


HM CLAW Saturday Stallion #180 & Mare #205


3. Chicago/IML event?

We have gotten a lot of emails asking if we will have an IML event again this year and we are sad to say we are not. As you may have read in a previous newsletter, the venue we used closed down and we have been on the lookout for a new space. We have found one but it is not something we can book for an IML weekend as other things are happening there during that time. We might however have a non-IML event there sometime. When we plan something we will let you all know!

4. Small update to a future Fort Lauderdale event.

In a previous newsletter we mentioned we have found a space but to plan an event we need to find some furniture from the community. We asked you all to fill out a survey if you live in the area and have any furniture we could use at an event. We looked and we were shocked to see we had a very positive reaction and a lot of offers. Far more than we thought would be there. We just have to go through all the entries, reach out to those people and get the ball rolling. We will keep you all updated and we are excited to have an event there sometime! We have to say, it all looks good! We will try to plan an event for one of the, "not as hot months". 

5. Upcoming events

In addition to the previously mentioned events above, we have 

-Horse Market (HM) San Francisco event on May 3rd. 

-Stable Wrangler presents InterroGAYtion.com (iGay) event on May 4th in San Francisco! 

Volunteers for the HM May 3rd event are full but we could use some for the InterroGAYtion event on the 4th! Don't forget to get your tickets! 


Top Tickets are available for both events, and if you get yours  we can release more Bottoms in the playspace!

This is it for now but we will update you more on upcoming events and new cities as we get them planned!

Stable Master Matt
Stable Wrangler Martin

And to those supporting our events, give some love to our sponsors:

Twitter: @Pig_load , @Squarepegtoys, @HorseMarketSF

Web: PigLoad.com/HorseMarket

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