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Hey everyone.

We had some busy weekends in the last few weeks. And so we have some updates that include our Best in Show Winners  from Chicago and our latest Club Edition in Las Vegas just this last weekend and then some new and exciting news for you.  Let's dive just into it! And let us start with a little apology, this is a long newsletter haha but please take your time to read it.

Since we are so excited about something brand new, we wanna start with that first.

With our new venue home in San Francisco, we have been able to secure the Folsom Weekend for events. We have not had a Horse Market over Folsom in a LONG TIME. We have on three events on the books. We start with a regular Horse Market on Friday night and another on Saturday night. These both will be your "classic" Horse Markets. These 2 events will start check-in from 6 pm and 7 pm and the will end when the last stallion leaves (mares show a lot of endurance and are always the last to leave).

For the Sunday event… The Stable Wrangler and I have been doing the Horse Market events for over 5 years and since we have this great new venue, we thought it would be fun to try a different kind of Horse Market event for Sunday night.  

We came up with the name: Horse Market: “Unbridled Edition".

It is a lot of information to go over, but let us tell you about it.

First off, this event is powered by the awesome people at Double Scorpio. They are a BIG fan of Horse Market and they want to help support it and offered to sponsor it. So, you will see some great Double Scorpio stuff!! Back to the event detail. At its core, this event is where men just go to fuck. No rules or restrictions (other than getting consent, no WS and no Fisting).

You do not need to choose whether you are a Stallion or Mare beforehand. Just get your ticket, show up and have fun. This means you can be whatever role you want, switch or be a side. Although you don't have to pick a role, you certainly can because we want to do a mini Horse Market within the event…


Let's give you details on everything. 

-We will provide access to our HUGE 7000 sqft venue space.

-We will provide places everywhere to fuck on. Pack it with tons of sex furniture: Slings, beds, couches, benches, and massage tables. (we are always open to ideas for new furniture.)

-This includes our new custom-made wooden round table with handles! (Preview at the bottom next to the video of the venue) The table can be surrounded with asses with guests bent over and bracing themselves with handles. Think of a non-moving lazy susan. You and the other Stallions can play musical hole to the music if you like. Swap holes on the beat drops 😈 That would be pretty hot.

-We will offer nonalcoholic drinks for sale at the merch table to keep your energy and electrolytes up. 

- Throughout the night we throw out little snacks to munch on (first come, first serve)

-We will have hot musical beats for you.

-A merch table for all your Horse Market, Pig Load and Double Scorpio needs!


“That's it? why is it called Horse Market "Unbridled Edition" if it sounds like another normal fuck party?" 

Knowing Horse Market, you know we don't do it normal. We like to stand out. We don't do parties, we do Events.

At our “Unbridled Edition” event, we wanted to add something special. Something for those that may want to try out the Horse Market experience without having the hassle of the lottery or want to get a feel for it on a smaller scale.

We will section off a part of the space and make room for a mini Horse Market. Entrance on one side and the exit on the other. We will have places for blindfolded mares to station up waiting for Stallion cock!

Just check in with one of our Stable Hands around that area and they will send you over to get a hood. All Mares who want to go in blindfolded will either have to purchase one of our take home blindfolds or, you can borrow one. (We will charge you a deposit for it but immediately refund it after we get the hood back. Just so you don't try and steal it 😛). Bringing your own hood will not be allowed as we have specific hoods we use for our events and we want to make sure everyone is immersed in the Horse Market experience and Horse Market rules are around our blindfolds.

Once you have your hood. head back to the mini market entrance and they will hood you and guide you in. Inside the room, the regular Horse Market rules apply


We think there may be a LOT of interest in this room and if we are right, we will have limit the time for each blindfolded guest inside. This is so that others can get in to experience the fun as well. Our Stable Hands will keep track of this and let you know when its time to make way for the next person. You are allowed to come in more than once if the time provides. Stallions, Just cum and go as you please. 

Tickets for this event will be much cheaper than a regular Horse Market at $35 and the event starts at 5 pm and goes on at least till midnight. This gives you plenty of time to check out the fair and then hop over to us after. 

We will have a Telegram chat group where you can try and coordinate carpools or ask any questions or check in on the party

(Note: There is the famous Krispy Krunchy Chicken restaurant below the venue btw if you want to stop and get food on the way.)


“Horse Market: Unbridled Edition”

Unbridled (adjective): Unconstrained; Uncontrolled


Isn't it something they say when they don't have a saddle on a horse?? We thought this sounded fitting for this event. 😛(Side note: There was a champion thoroughbred horse in the ’90s named Unbridled who won the Breeders’ Cup 🤣 This makes the word fit a bit more no?)

As always we provide a free coat check for all events and we will have condoms around the venue for those who want them. We are aware that Folsom Weekend is full of options. And we are the new event on the block but we hope you give us a chance and join us on your Sunday to a relaxed end of the weekend!

Keep in mind this event is new for us. We are excited to see how this goes and get feedback from you. If you like it we will do more events like this!

As always, Mare tickets for the regular events are lottery based and we release tickets every day as Stallion tickets are purchased. There is no set day we draw names and we continue to draw names right up till the event or if it sells out. Whichever comes first.

Horse Market end times are always open ended. We don't know when the last Stallion will leave so we never set an end time, (Unless a venue specifies an end time and in that case, we let all of you know) With our new SF location Spritz!, we have the luxury of going till the last Stallion leaves!.

If you want to go grab a ticket or sign up to volunteer for any of those 3 events or sign up to help set up the venue on Thursday for the weekend, click the button below!



And, after all this big news we have some great news for 8 of our guests:
Our Best in Show winners for our two Chicago events and our 2 recent Club Edition Las Vegas.

We are so happy to say that these 4 events were a success and we want to thank everyone who helped out at the events and of course everyone who attended. These were some pretty hot events and they would not be possible without all your support!

A special thank you goes out to our Stable Hand “Cody Cat” that helped us to get a nice waiting room for our Stallions in Chicago, Cody also leads the “Chicago Stroke Crew” which is a local community of playful self-identified men of all body types, races, orientations and ages. Have a look at whats happening there twitter.com/StrokeCrew or https://www.meetup.com/chicagostrokecrew/ and thanks Cody!

We have emailed all the winners and will send them their prizes. If you want more info on how people win and what it means to win, check out the Best In Show Page on the Horse Market Website!

Let's give a big hand to the winners below! 

As always we are already working on more and also talking with new locations in new cities even for next year!

November: we will have a last PNW Event for this year in Portland, OR in the beginning of the month (Dates to be announced soon). Of course there will be the Los Angeles Leather Get Away over Thanksgiving weekend, where we will have two events in the Host Hotel (don't forget to pencil us in when you attend in LA: 24th & 25th November).
We will have two Fresh Meat Markets in San Francisco in October (save the date: 27/28th of October) and a Club Edition in Las Vegas on 8/9th of December. As always we will have the rest of December off to recoup.

So watch out for tickets for all those events in our future Newsletters.
Until we see you next time,

Matt, Stable Master
Martin, Stable Wrangler

People have said they have missed the Newsletter email, it went to spam or it just never showed up! Because of this I’ve created a channel on Telegram to notify people of when Newsletters are posted. This is not a chat room so no one other than me can post in it and you will only get a notification from me when I post a new Newsletter. If you want to join, click the link below and feel free to give it to friends who want to join the newsletter or who may not be getting it!


We have two FAQ telegram groups you can join if you have any questions

Stallion: https://t.me/+epcBBH-Rx21kYTUx

Mare: https://t.me/+9TRuiqDlwQQyNjlh

And to those supporting our events, give some love to our sponsors:

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