Below is the list of current HMSF sponsors. 

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- Gold Sponsors -

PigLoad is a new lube company that sells a premium lube and is the leading sponsor of my Horse Market events. Taken from their site, here is info about it:

"This lube is made with the best blend of the finest silicone. That said, we made it different than lubricants out there. Our lube is not as thick as theirs. We heard a lot of complaints that these thick lubes were too sticky. Yes, there may be situations where you'd love that, but there are plenty where you don't. That's why we have decided to give it a bit more liquidity. That way you need less and by using the same amount, it would hold longer than others. But, be aware of this and try how you like to apply the lube."

Their lube changes the way we play. They come in a companion bottle that you wear around your neck for ease of access and you wont lose it. Check them out on their site and order some.

SquarePegToys®  is an amazing sponsor of Horse Market. They are donating one free LEO 1X dildo made of 100% Platinum Grade silicone to the winners of the Best in Show Stallion and Mare for each party!


They are a unique force in the toy industry. The owner Scott has always believed in treating you the way he would want to be treated and has built his business around one that remains unique in the industry.  With a best price, everyday philosophy, and strong focus on quality and service, they can get you the toys you want, when you want them, so you don’t wait, and you don’t overpay because you missed a sale.

- Creator Sponsor -

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