1. What if i'm versatile? Which do I role do I choose?
    • That depends if you strictly want to Top or Bottom for the party. Choose wisely as you CANNOT change once you the party starts and there is no option for both.¬†
  2. Is there alcohol at this party?
    • There will not be alcohol unless a host (ticket seller) or I (Stable Master) post about it. Some parties will include complimentary drinks but you will know.
  3. Is this an 18+ or 21+ age party?
    • This is an 18 and over party. I will have parties with free alcohol but you will know before you purchase a ticket.
  4. If I am in a white hood how can you be sure someone wont fuck me without a condom?
    • The Stable Master and Stable Hands #1 goal is to cater to the needs of the Mares. That is closely followed by us helping you (yes i do mean YOU) check for the condom before the stallion inserts. We will have many Mares to look after and cant always be there to check that the Stallion is using a condom. I do tell all Stallions to touch a mare before mounting to let them know they are there and about to mount. It is up to you to reach back and feel for a condom during that time. We will have many buckets of condoms all over. If a Stallion is found to be fucking a white hooded mare without one they will be thrown out and banned from attending.
  5. How do I find a ticket to the party?
    • Please read the Tickets page for info on tickets. There will be no tickets sold at the door unless I say otherwise.
  6. How can i become a host for selling tickets?
    • To become a host you have to either know me well or have attended an event in the past. Volunteering for an event also allows you to become a host a future party.
  7. How can I become a volunteer?
    • I send out an email before an event asking for people to fill out a form to volunteer for the upcoming party. First time volunteers typically do not get any or much play at the event but they do get a free ticket to any future party and an exclusive volunteer shirt.
  8. What is the dress code?
    • Leather harnesses, Jockstraps, and or naked is strongly¬† encouraged. It does get hot in there with everyone playing so less is better. Shoes/boots are a must. No bare feet.
  9. Can I bring poppers?
    • Yes you can bring poppers but PLEASE BE CAREFUL not to spill them.¬†
  10. What about Maximum Impact?
    • Sorry but you cannot bring Maximum Impact.