Tickets & Volunteer Sign ups

Horse Market Events are held in a few different cities across the US and hopefully this year, Canada and maybe further... I'm always on the lookout for new cities so check the the newsletter for updates on new cities.

After having a Horse Market in any given city, I do not like to have another in that city for at least 3 months. As far as when I will be in a city near you? That depends on many factors. Things like the venue having an opening, planning around events and other cities. For updates on up coming cities, check below.

If you would like to volunteer at one of the Horse Market events, just choose a city below and click on it. Once you do, there will be a button to sign up to volunteer. My Stable Wrangler will get back to you when he chooses the volunteers for that event. Usually much closer to the event.


P.S Volunteering is the only way you can play as both a Stallion and a Mare. You can take breaks and go as either or both!

When tickets go on sale for a Horse Market event, Stallion and Mare tickets are sold differently.


Mare Tickets are sold via a lotto. Mares will click the city they want to attend below and then click the button for tickets. Then, it will take you to the Waiver form. Fill that out and that will put you on the Mare lotto list. You then just close the page or you may purchase a Stallion ticket and attend as a Stallion. You can then ask at check in if there are any Mare no shows and we can swap you over but this is no guarantee. This lotto is to ensure we have the perfect Stallion to Mare ratio. 

Stallion tickets are on sale and can be purchased anytime by filling out the waiver form. 

As Stallion tickets are sold, we will randomly chose and email people on the list to purchase a ticket. They will have 24 hours to purchase the ticket before we move to the next person. Yes, we could sell all 35 Mare tickets from the start but if only 25 Stallion tickets are sold, then the ratio is way off and its not a fun party.

Once all the Mare spots are filled, we will email everyone else on the list to let them know they were not chosen. This could go right up until the event to fill all the spots and sometimes we dont fill all the spots as we dont sell all the Stallion tickets.  


Also, if you prefer to go as a Mare but you dont mind potentially going as a Stallion, we are offering a special option to you. You can sign up to the Mare lotto & purchase a Stallion ticket. If you get chosen as a Mare, reply back letting us know you have a Stallion ticket and we will swap it to a Mare. If you are not chosen you will just attend as a Stallion. This does not remove you from the lotto nor does it increase or decrease your chances of going as a Mare. This option is there for those who dont get a Mare ticket but would still love to go as a Stallion.


Lastly, I do release a SMALL amount of Golden Mare tickets. These are more expensive Mare tickets that are available right when tickets go on sale. After you fill out the Vaccine and waiver form, it will take you to the ticket page. There you can do as mentioned above about getting a Stallion ticket and being on the Mare lotto, or, if they are not sold out, you can purchase one of the Golden Tickets. These are very limited as I dont want it to all be about having the most money to get a ticket. 


Below is a list of upcoming events for 2024. I am always working on new events and cities. If I add an event I will send out a newsletter about it. Just because you dont see a date for one of the cities listed does not mean I'm not working on having one there!

-Check for for updates on other dates not listed here-

Portland BW
Cleveland BW
Chicago BW