updated 3/09/2018

There are 3 ways you can get a ticket.



Ask around in the community, among friends, and people you know who have been to the party for a host. I have a group of people (Hosts) selling the tickets for the party. I will not be posting their names and you will have to just ask around. This will start 5 weeks before the event.


2.5 weeks before the event starts, any left over tickets from the hosts will be open to the everyone. I'll send out a link in the Newsletter email so sign up at the bottom of the page!


I will be setting aside some Mare and Stallion tickets that will cost more but can be bought at ANY time by contacting me directly. No need to search for a host or wait for the general sale in hopes of getting one. Its a guaranteed ticket. The cost of the ticket is double the price of the regular ticket which ends up being $80.





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