Sparxo April 12th and 13th

Please read this in order to purchase a ticket. This is a sex party

By clicking the agree button below, you agree to the terms below.


1. You have read the "Rules" page and agree to them all.


2. Which ever role you choose, you are aware you cannot change during the party.


3. To make things fair for both Stallions and Mares, there are no Ins and Outs. Maybe a future venue will have a smoking area for both stallion and mares but this does not sadly.


4. You will not be under the influence of any illegal substances or use Maximum Impact. If suspected, I the Stable Master and Stable Hands have the right to eject you from the party without refund. (poppers are ok. pot ok before hand)


5. You are aware that playing at this or ANY sex party that there is always a sexual health risk of STI's.


1. I understand White hooded mares are safe sex with condoms only and Red hooded mares prefer bareback.


2. You agree that as a Stallion you will not remove the hood of any Mare at any time.


3. As a Stallion you are to treat Mares with respect. If they ask you to stop, you are to stop and find another to play with.


4. As a Stallion, please be aware that not all Mares like to suck a cock that's been freshly mounted in a Mare. There will be a Sink you can rise it off if you so chose.


5.  It is not required but if you have a penis piercing, consider removing it or reducing the size as not all Mares like piercings.


1. As a Mare you will not remove your hood unless you are in one of 2 designated areas. The bathroom or the rest area.


2. As a Mare, you are aware that people will come up and touch/fondle/inspect you with out needing your consent. (Note: You may reject a Stallion if you need a break, if they have a piercing or if they are too hung.)


3. As a Mare you are aware that if at any point you are not clean (I.E. Dirty/Scat) you may be removed from the party.

(There is no shower facility to clean out but there may be a proper sink to use a douce bulb)

4. I cannot guarantee anyone that they will get any play. I can only supply the venue and the stallions. I cannot however tell them who to play with. Some may get a lot and some a little but you wont know until you try.

When: April 12th & 13th

Mares: 5:45pm Stallions: 6pm

Where: The Academy 2615 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA

How Much: $70

1150 E 26th St - Google Maps